What Is Core Synchronism? Part Two

What Is Core Synchronism? Part Two
November 1, 2011 Robert Stevens NTS, ND, CCSP

Robert Stevens (NTS, ND, CCSP)

The Core Synchronism Model of the Human Being

Lizards watching the Core

Lizards watching the Core

The first step in developing a comprehensive system of hand medicine is an accurate model of a human being. The physical is only one aspect of our makeup. A comprehensive model for the effective practice of hand medicine must include the etheric and the life principle itself. The presence of the soul allows us to experience the phenomenon known as life. The soul that is life is a drop of the Divine Ocean of Love. The soul is consciousness, harmony, peace, unconditional love, balance, wisdom. The soul is also beyond these concepts. The soul is the vital thread in the human organism.

Core hand medicine calls this vital thread the core current. It can be palpated on the crown of the head and with practice everywhere in the organism. The core current is the dynamic nonmaterial moving force of the whole. The current is responsible for the movement of cerebral spinal fluid out of the brain. This movement is an energetic phenomena. There is nothing physical about the core current. It is pure energy, pure consciousness, sound and light, wisdom, balance and is beyond all qualities and concepts. The most amazing thing is that we are able to palpate this current. We are able to communicate with this current. We are able to learn from this awesome nonlinear intelligence. Core Synchronism is a system of hand medicine that communicates and learns from the consciousness called life.

The phenomenon of energy in the physical world requires fluid to carry and circulate its presence. What is the fluid that carries and circulates the qualities of the core current? The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). CSF is the physical carrier for the qualities of life (sound and light) to the whole physical organism. In order for energy to circulate on the physical level (physical body) it must have a physical carrier. The frequency of sound and light is too fast to have a direct influence on the slower moving frequency of the physical body.

Remember that the soul (consciousness and balance) must be present wherever life is to be experienced. In order for the soul to circulate and influence the physical it must have a physical fluid to act as a carrier. The health and balance of the whole physical body depends on the free circulation of CSF. CSF is the energetically stepped down, slower moving physical fluid that carries and circulates the qualities of life (sound and light) to the whole field (physical body). The circulation of CSF (fluid) is the circulation of the qualities (sound and light) of the core current (soul). The circulation of CSF (fluid) is the irrigation of the whole field (physical body) with the qualities (sound and light) of the core current (soul). The circulation and irrigation of CSF represents the highest and first nutritional need of the physical body for health and balance, The first need of every structure (energetic and physical) is a balanced relationship with the source of life, The core current in the Core Synchronism model represents the source of life and balance.

The movement of the cerebral spinal fluid is a rhythmic tidal phenomena. There is a production phase and absorption phase. When the production phase is active, all paired bones externally rotate. During the absorption phase all paired bones internally rotate. Trauma causes confusion within the skeletal system as to balanced movement in relationship to CSF. When a skeletal component is out of synch with CSF it is out of synch with the source of life. That component will call out for attention. The demand that is being made is for reconnection with the core and the rhythmic tide. This demand begins as inflammation. The longer the asynchronous movement remains, the more severe the symptoms. Human beings experience this as pain. The solution is to reconnect the out of synch part with the core current and its tidal rhythm. When the part is in synch, the inflammation cycle is broken and pain subsides. This is a very simple mechanical model. All parts must function smoothly with the direction of the core and core fluid. When a part or parts lose this smooth relationship with the core, it is not meshing with the central intelligence. We experience this as first inflammation and then pain. The effective practice of core hand medicine is based on this simple model. Rhythmic mechanical relationships with the core current and the core fluid results in physical harmony and balance. All structures of the physical body follow this simple mechanical model.

The physical body integrity depends on the integrity of the etheric body. The imbalances of the etheric body will have a direct influence on the physical body. The physical body is moving at a slower vibratory rate then the etheric body. The faster vibratory rate of the etheric body rules the slower vibratory rate of the physical body. Whatever is going on in the etheric body the physical body has no choice but to follow.

The below diagram is a model of the etheric body. (Click on it to enlarge.)

Etheric Body Opening Phase

The Etheric Body and its Components

The etheric body is made up of elemental energy. Ether, Air, Five, Water and Earth are the five elements comprising the human body. In the center of the etheric body model there is a spiraling current. The spiraling current is the core current. The current is palpated on the crown of the head where the parietal bones and frontal bone join. When the whole physical body is in balance with the core current and the CSF rhythmical tide, health and balance is experienced. All components making up the entire etheric body also have balanced movements. The core current’s balanced movement is a spiraling clockwise movement. From the top of the head this spiraling clockwise movement would be toward the right hand. If the core current becomes confused (due to trauma) and the movement changes to counterclockwise a person will quickly experience fatigue. The longer the core current remains out of synch the deeper the fatigue. It will make little difference how many hours a day the person will sleep the fatigue will continue. The longer the core current is moving counterclockwise the greater the compromise to their immune system.

All symptoms have a mechanical component. As a result of this growing fatigue, the immune system will begin to manifest symptoms of growing weakness. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are two of the complex syndromes that will eventually manifest. The reversed core current is a slow mimic of dying. The life energy is literally escaping out the top of the head.

The very first thing that a core therapist will do is check the direction of spin of the core current. It is impossible to heal if the core current is reversed. All people that are exhibiting symptoms of chronic illness will have a reversed core current. Many symptoms will begin to disappear when the core current is stabilized and moving in the balanced clockwise direction.

The next portion of the etheric body is the caduceus. This is depicted in the model as snakes moving in a crisscrossing pattern from the base of the spine up to the ears. Each place that the snakes meet as they cross the mid line of the etheric body is known as a major chakra. The caduceus is an ancient symbol of the triune energy at the center of all living phenomena. The two snakes are symbolic representations of the movement of energy currents. The current on the right side of the center is known as the positive current. The current on the left side of the center is known as the negative current. The core current in the mid line is known on this etheric body level as the neural current.

In the science of yoga these three currents are known as sushumna (center, neutral), pingala (positive, right) and ida (negative, left). The core current represents the current of the soul, unconditional love, wisdom, balance, neutral. The neutral current projects out of itself and divides into two and gives birth to the positive current. The neutral and the positive now combine to give birth to the negative current. All living organisms have a triune nature. Lao -Tzu the ancient mystical sage of China put it this way: the one (core, neutral) gave birth to the two (positive). The two gave birth to the three (negative). And the three (neutral, positive, negative) gave birth to the ten thousands things. The caduceus represents the interplay of the neutral, positive and negative current dance playing out in the center of the etheric body.

The Chakras

When the positive and negative currents meet in the mid line of the body at the neutral core a spark or charge is created. This sparked charge creates a spiraling movement of energy. This spiraling spinning charged energy is known as a chakra. The interplay of the neutral, positive, and negative currents create the spinning wheels known as chakras. The chakras have balanced directional movement like all other parts of the etheric and physical body. Looking at the back of the body the major chakras in balance will be spinning clockwise. Looking at the front of the body those same major chakras will be spinning counterclockwise. Reversal of spin due to trauma will produce symptoms of disease.

The major chakras are located inside the physical body’s spinal cord. They are not physical structures but etheric structures and play an important role in our health. Each chakra is responsible for an elemental energy transfer to a certain portion of the etheric and physical body. Each chakra is responsible for overseeing certain functions in the etheric and physical body. For example, behind the belly button inside the spine is the location of the fire major chakra. The fire chakra is responsible for all digestive functions.

Food is energy at its core. Each type of food represents a type of energy. For example: a potato is earth, watermelon is water, wheat is fire and lemon is air. When the fire element is in balance and food can be completely digested an element will be released from that food. That element will nourish not only the elemental structures of the etheric body but the physical body as well. Chakras have a dual function: the energy of the mental/emotional body is moving at a very fast vibrational rate. In order for this energy to have an influence on the etheric and physical bodies it must be slowed down. The chakras act as transforming stations to slow down this fast moving mental/emotional energy. The chakras will slow the energy down so effectively that when the energy comes out the other side, so to speak, it forms the physical structures that appear to be solid. The energy of the physical body is moving so slowly that it seems to be a solid mass. This deceptively slowed down energy is due to the chakras transforming the energy or stepping (slowing) it down. When food is completely digested and the elemental structure at its core is liberated, the chakras will pick that energy back up and feed it back to the emotional body. Hence, the end product of all digested food is a feeling. The saying you are what you eat is really you feel what you eat.

So the chakras have many functions. They slow energy down from the fast moving mental/emotional level, circulate energy within the etheric body, oversee certain functions in the etheric body, slow energy down so it becomes the form of the physical body, oversee certain physical functions, collect digested food elemental energy and feed it back to the emotional body producing feeling.

When chakra spins, it also throws off a single elemental line of force known as a long current. Looking at the model, the long currents run on each side of the mid line of the etheric body. There are five on each side–one for each element. Their points of origin are the chakras. Hence the mid line long current is known as the ether long current, and its point of origin is the ether chakra. The next line out from the mid line is the air long current, the point of origin is the air chakra. The next line out is the fire long current. Its point of origin is the fire chakra. The next line out is the water long current. Its point of origin is the water chakra. The next line out is the earth long current. Its point of origin is the earth chakra. The long currents on the model have arrows pointing toward the inferior portion of the model. This is depicting one phase of their movement. The other phase of their movement would show the arrows pointing toward the superior portion of the model. The long currents are circulating the movement of energy throughout the etheric body.

The long currents also have pronounced impact on the physical body. The model also depicts green bands around the etheric body. These bands are known as the circular currents. These are the most external portion of the etheric body. In fact they actually wrap around the entire physical body. They act as an important part of our immune system. The circular currents act as a kind of barrier to forces that may effect our health coming from our external environment. The circular currents when in balance move in the same direction as the core current or clockwise. Trauma may cause the circular currents to reverse direction or stop moving all together. This will cause us to experience immune weaknesses.

The Soul and its Bodies

The human body is comprised of soul, mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. The soul is the source of life and consciousness. This life force must play an active role on all levels for the individual to experience health and balance. Soul in the language of Core Synchronism is known as the core current. This current is responsible for balance and movement on all levels. The mental body is a thinking machine. The receptivity of this thinking machine to the soul will produce thoughts of unconditional love, peace, harmony, service, yearning, helpfulness, discernment, etc. The emotional body is comprised of feelings. Receptivity of this feeling body to the soul will produce feelings of unconditional love, peace, harmony, etc. The etheric body is made up of organized elemental energies that unite and flow in patterns. The soul on this level is a current located in the center of these patterns. This central current is the origin of all elemental pattern energy of the etheric body. Without the presence of this central core current the possibility of flow, balance and harmony would not exist within the etheric body. The soul is present within the physical body as the core current and the core fluid. The circulation of cerebral spinal fluid (soul fluid) throughout the physical body is the circulation of the qualities (sound and light frequencies) of the soul. Once again the presence of the core current and the core fluid offer the possibility of harmony and balance throughout the physical body.

This model of the human being is a unified package. It is possible to speak of portions of the model as distinct, yet separation is not possible unless the soul departs from the package. Then dissolution will take place and certain aspects of the model will separate permanently. Until that event the parts are united by the presence and wisdom of the soul. If there is trauma in one part of the unified package, the whole will be effected. The portions of the package that are closest to the soul will generally be the first effected by trauma. Energetic subtlety is from the inside out. The order of subtlety is soul, mental, emotional, etheric and physical. The more subtle rules the less subtle. The more subtle is referred to as the superior. The superior rules the inferior energetically. The physical body is the least subtle portion of the unified package.

The Mechanics of Healing

Healing takes place within a relaxed state. There are levels of relaxation. The deeper the state of relaxation the deeper the healing possibility. The more subtle levels of the human being are only accessed by deeper states of relaxation and balance.

Lets look at the core mechanics of movement and balance from the etheric body to the physical body during the production phase of cerebral spinal fluid. The core current spins clockwise and moves inferior. The caduceus moves inferior. The chakras move posterior. The long currents move inferior. The circular currents move anterior to posterior. The brain moves anterior, posterior and inferior. All paired bones move lateral, posterior and inferior. In order for a human being to experience balance, harmony, freedom from pain and relaxation all of these movements must be synchronized.

When a person has pain some part or parts of this model is out of synch. Out of synch means disconnected from the source of balance or the core. When a part or parts are out of synch we experience pain. Reestablishing synchronistic relationship eliminates pain. Some asynchronous relationships are simple and some are complex. This means that one core treatment may not eliminate all pain. It may take several treatments to reestablish synch. Every treatment will induce a state of relaxation.

There are more complicated relationships in the etheric body that have not been covered here. Multiple traumas are often very complicated in terms of how deeply they have effected the physical and etheric bodies. Again, this may take several treatments to reestablish synch. As synch is established and becomes stable it is possible to reach deeper and deeper states of relaxation. When these states are achieved often the doors of access to the emotional and mental bodies are opened. Now the opportunity of healing the effects of trauma on these deeper more subtle levels are open. This is the level of the unconsciousness. It is here that the real burden of our trauma lives. These are the heavy burdens that we carry that we are not even aware. Deep states of relaxation have allowed us to travel this far. This is significant depth of healing.

Core hand medicine offers a sound mechanical model. A model that integrates the subtle anatomy and the physical anatomy. Core treats the whole human package. The manipulations used in core treatments are subtle. The touch of the hands during core sessions is very gentle. This does not mean the effect is not deeply penetrating. Core is not pathology specific. This means that core does not treat specific diseases. Core is energetic and fluid mechanics. Core hand medicine offers the wisdom of the soul the opportunity to heal the package. Core therapists are not healers. Your own core current is the healer. Your own inner wisdom and harmony are the healers. Core hand medicine is concentrating on energetic and fluid mechanics to foster an environment where healing can take place. Core is not pathology specific because all disease (including mental/emotional) has a mechanical aspect.

Core therapists are mechanics. Have you had a real tune up lately? A tune up that addresses the whole package? Make an appointment today with your local core mechanic and enjoy the new improved vitalized relaxed ride. Core really does work well for those tired and miserable rides!!!