Homeopathic Medicine

Increasing the number of dilutions, the medicine becomes more potent.

Like cures like. Homeopathy is a medical system rooted within the Philosophy of Natural Therapeutic tenant that all healing is accomplished by stimulating the Life Current.

Practitioners stimulate the healing process using tiny amounts of natural substances, e.g., plants, minerals, and even animals, and radically strengthen these ingredients by dilution. It is the process of dilution that allows homeopathic medicine to resonate with the Life Current. Dilution enhances the medicine’s healing properties and eliminates undesirable side-effects. Through the process of dilution many of these remedies no longer contain any molecules of the original substance. The numbers associated with homeopathic medicines such as Arnica 6x or Arnica 200c represent the number of times the medicine has been diluted. The higher the number the more potent the medicine. In Homeopathy less is more.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed by Samual Hahnemann a German medical doctor. One of the foundation principles of this system is “like cures like.” This section will offer a list of homeopathic medicines and their uses.

As an example, Arnica is a remarkable homeopathic medicine commonly used for treating all soft tissue injuries. One of Arnica’s common names is Fall Kraut. Arnica is a remarkable medicine for treating all soft tissue injuries. A truly magical medicine.

In Germany, Arnica is known commonly as wundkraut (wound herb), bruchkraut (fracture herb) and fallkraut (fall herb). In the mountains, where the steep paths make falling quite common, it was well-known that an application of fallkraut would help to heal any swelling or bruising to the body. Referred to in mountain dialect as “stand up and go home” (Stoh up un goh hen), arnica’s common names attest to its fast-healing properties.


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Healing Modalities

  • The primary effort of the healing art should be to get life to flow thru stagnant and obstructed areas and tissues of the body which cause pain. That is the natural way, from the inside out and from the top down, as the centrifugal force operates.
    Dr. Randolph Stone
    Dr. Randolph Stone