Polarity Therapy

Health is the result of free flowing energy within the center of the head and the spinal cord.

POLARITY THERAPY IS A FIVE ELEMENT energetic-based bodywork system developed by Dr. Randolph Stone.

Before Dr. Stone’s exit from the stage of life, December 9,1981 he named Dr. Pierre Pannetier his successor. Pierre’s emphasis was always centered on love. He taught us over and over: “ There will be many cases that come to you and you will not know what to do to help this person. Don’t worry. Simple touch the person with love and everything will turn our fine.” Pierre taught polarity classes at NMSNT many times. He remains an inspiration. His simple approach to the complexities of Dr. Stone”s system, his emphasis on a loving touch, has remained the foundation for teaching polarity therapy at NMSNT.

Dr. Stone and Dr. Pannetier taught that health is the result of free flowing energy. What they are referring to is the correct mechanical movement, free flow, of the central life current. Dr. Stone referred to this current as the Ultra Sonic Core. It is located within the center of the head and the spinal cord. It is not a physical structure. Is is pure energy. The free flow of this current is the key to health and healing. Want to learn how to do this? Check out the polarity section and the core synchronism section.

Only God and Nature Heal.
Dr. Randolph Stone

Dr. Pierre Pannetier teaching polarity class at NMSNT

Healing Modalities

  • A cure constitutes reaching the life current within and re-establishing a free flow of the energy currents. Anything short of this is but a relief measure.
    Dr. Randolph Stone
    Dr. Randolph Stone