Things to know about receiving a Core Synchronism treatment

  • During a core treatment the client lies comfortably on the table, and remains clothed.
  • Since Core Synchronism treatments are deeply relaxing, you may fall asleep, which in no way reduces the potential effectiveness of the treatment.
  • There is no belief systems required in order to benefit from the potential effectiveness of the treatment.
  • A person receiving treatment will feel the gentle touch of a practitioner’s hands on various parts of the body including the head, feet, and areas related to the locations of pain and discomfort.
  • There are no contraindications for treatments, including acute and chronic illnesses.
  • As a result of improved mechanical balance and relaxation, acute healing may be expressed as agitation or other symptoms of discomfort. This is a positive direction that may ultimately result in improvement on all levels.
  • There is variation between practitioners but treatment sessions are typically 55 to 90 minutes. The individual’s response and the core therapist will determine how often a person receives treatments. It is not possible to predict how many treatments an individual will require to notice significant improvement. Core synchronism is a system that views inflammation and pain as mechanical dissynchronistic phenomena. In some cases the pain cycle may break in a single session. In other cases solving the mechanical mystery of pain and discomfort may take much longer.

Core Synchronism

  • Let foods be your medicine and your medicine your foods.