Flower Medicine

“Wonderful as it may seem, relieve your patient of the mood or moods such as are given in this system of healing, and your patient is better”

FLOWER MEDICINES ARE BENEFICENT IN ACTION, their effect is to uplift an individual in finding balance in life’s journey.

Bach Flower Medicine

Bach Flower Medicines were discovered and developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The purpose of these medicines is to assist an individual in finding balance in life’s journey. These medicines impact the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. This section will offer Dr. Bach’s flower proving, indications for use, notes and quotes by Dr. Bach via audio orientation by Robert Stevens. Consider Mimulus as one example from Dr. Bach’s work.

Mimulus flower treats known fears. Any fear that can be defined is treatable by Mimulus. “ I am afraid of flying.” I am fearful of dogs.” “ I am afraid of Republicans.” “I am afraid of the dark.” “I am fearful of vegans.” All these fears are treatable by using Mimulus.

Robert Stevens Flower Medicine

RS Flower Medicines were discovered and developed by Robert Stevens. This system of flower medicine does not replace Dr. Bach’s work. Robert was so impacted by Dr. Bach’s medicines that he was motivated to further explore the bounty of Nature’s flowers. This section is a series of lectures on understanding these flowers and their use. Consider Jasmine as one example from the RS Flowers group.

Jasmine may be the most important medicine of this group. Why? Jasmine assists the soul in bringing new impulses into the mind. These new impulses will assist the individual in forming new ways of thinking and acting. Recommended for use with all flower medicines and as single medicine. “I can’t seem to find my creativity anymore.” “My repetitive thinking patterns are driving me crazy.” “How do I change my habits from negative to positive?” “My grandmother died of cancer, my mother died of cancer, I am doomed to the same fate.” All of these states of mind indicate the use of Jasmine flower medicine.

Robert Stevens Flower Formulas

RS Flower Formulas were developed by Robert Stevens. Some people have a difficult time deciding what flower medicines may be useful for themselves or others. These are ready made formulas to make the decision process easier. This section will explore these formulas. Consider Viral Shield Flower Formula as one example of the RS Flower Formulas group.

Viral Shield Flower Formula This formula has the capacity to offer protection, a shield, from viral life forms. Tea Tree Flower, Be-Still Flower, Jasmine Flower, Sandalwood Tree Flower