The Soul of Hand Medicine

The Soul of Hand Medicine
October 31, 2011 Robert Stevens NTS, ND, CCSP

Robert Stevens (NTS, ND, CCSP)

The Long Currents

The Long Currents comprised by the 5 elements within the body

The only source of life energy is Soul. Its qualities are sound and light. The Soul is a particle of Divinity, said to be immortal and to long for reunion with the Beloved Creator. The Soul is therefore pure consciousness, and whatever forms the Soul associates with express consciousness. If the Soul leaves any form, that form’s elements are liberated back to their source. The Bible expresses this as “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Hence the difference between a cadaver and a living body is that the Soul gives life to the latter and has left the former. Everything depends on Soul for life. The Soul is the essence of life and is the true healer.

Any system of therapy, to be effective, must access the energy of each part to which the Soul gives consciousness. Dr. Stone, founder of polarity therapy, said it this way: “Only God and Nature heals.” Only Soul, the source of Divinity within a form of life, is wise enough to carry out the mysterious process known as healing. Every form of life can heal if the law of healing is not interfered with but encouraged and respected.

God is Love, Love is God. The language of Love has no words. This healing by the Grace of Love must be experienced. Words will offer nothing here so the question may arise: “How does Nature heal?” Through what is known as the healing crisis.

Healing Crisis

Envision a ladder with four steps. The top step is known as acute. The second as sub-acute. The third as chronic. The bottom and last step as degenerative. The healing of Nature takes place on the first step only, the acute healing crisis. Acute implies a certain intensity and short duration. The energy or vitality of the Soul, known as the Life Force, increases to bring about a cleansing. The mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies all heal via this cleansing healing process. Stopping this beneficent healing by Nature is termed suppression. Suppression ignores Nature’s movement toward homeostasis (balance). Adopting methods contrary to the movement of the Life Force is suppression. We heal from above down and inside out.

Symptoms are the language of Nature. Some examples of Nature’s acute symptoms are: inflammation, pain, fever, skin discharges, mucous discharges, cough, anger, sorrow, grief, etc. These symptoms are an expression of Nature’s desire to bring the whole organism closer to balance. Suppressing this movement toward balance goes against Nature’s Wisdom. If we successfully suppress the acute healing crisis we step down one rung of the ladder to the sub-acute stage. When Nature decides it is time to gift us with a healing crisis we now have to move from deeper within. The Life Force must now move with more energy to bring about a return to balance. This means that the language of Nature, symptoms, will be more severe. It will require more energy to express and heal because we are imbalanced on a deeper level. Now the symptoms may be pneumonia, bronchitis, more severe pain, more severe discharge via the skin, deeper mental/emotional patterns, etc.

If we effectively suppress the sub-acute healing crisis we will eventually drop down to the third rung of the ladder, chronic. Now we are living with our symptoms of dis-ease every day. Being diagnosed by the medical profession means acquiring a name of a dis-ease. Asthma, psoriasis, eczema, cancer, diabetes, chronic mental/emotional imbalances, etc. are all names associated with chronic imbalance. Chronic means long and drawn out. Those suffering with chronic illness live with their symptoms day in and day out. As time passes it is very possible that those with chronic illness will so identify with their illness that it may not be possible for them to see their life becoming free of these imbalances. The ability to have hope and faith is extremely challenging. Periodically the chronic symptoms will become acute. This is the Voice of Nature trying to heal.

If we successfully suppress the chronic we will eventually drop down to the last rung of the ladder, which is called degenerative. At this level the physical body is breaking down. The Soul or Life Force is leaving the organism. The fleshy suit of clothes is becoming unfit for habitation. The problem that faces someone in a chronic/degenerative state is this: is there enough vitality to sustain a healing crisis? It is often seen that the healing crisis is the method for the Soul to exit the physical body. This process is called death. Perhaps it is a healing. It is possible for the sub-acute, chronic and degenerative conditions to be healed but such healing will take place via step number one, the acute healing crisis. This method of the healing crisis appears to be a Law of Nature. As with any law when it is broken we pay the consequences. Nature is our friend. She is not trying to punish us when we have acute symptoms. She is attempting to bring our mental, emotional, etheric and physical life toward a better state of balance. The acute healing crisis is always constructive never destructive. It is each individual’s privilege to learn how to heal with Nature. Hippocrates stated, “Nature is the healer of all disease.”

The Soul and its Partners

The Mental Body

As the Soul moves toward life on this plane of existence, it takes on “partners.” The first partner that Soul gives consciousness to is the mental body. When the mental body is given consciousness, thought is generated. Thought is not possible without the consciousness of Soul. The Soul does not possess polarity or opposites. Its “identity” is one with the Creator. It is known as a ray of the creative Sun. But when the Soul gives the mental body consciousness, opposites are brought into being. Hence, a thought may be receptive to a higher principle such as compassion or to a lower principle such as hatred. Therefore, the mental body can be higher (receptive to Soul) or lower (receptive to ego, which is separateness). This polarity of the mental body is unique to human beings.

All of creation is a play of elemental energy. The five great elements are ether (space), air (wind), fire, water and earth. Human beings possess five active elements. The element of ether allows us to experience a higher/lower aspect of thought. This active element creates an environment where a thought such as “What is the purpose of life?” or “Why was I born?” can be generated. Animals with fewer active elements do not generate this type of thinking process. Their realm is the instinctual. This does not mean they do not feel, only that the “polarity of ego” is dormant. These forms of life are perfectly in tune with the law of healing. Animals and plants know that “only God and Nature heals.” Given ample opportunity they will perfectly surrender to the law of acute healing.

Why don’t human beings acknowledge and surrender to the law of healing? When the Soul gives consciousness to the mind, polarity is created. In the case of a human form, an ego is brought into consciousness. The ego is an identity of self, separate from a Creator or even Divine Soul. Hence, the ego is polarized. Its higher aspect may receive impulses of thought from the Soul such as compassion, harmony, kindness, unconditional love, etc., or may receive or generate thought particular to a lower aspect of mind under the illusion of separateness, such as hatred, anger, envy, revenge, grief, etc. A human being with this polarized ego can state, “ I don’t believe that only God and Nature heals.” An animal of so-called lesser stature can make no such declaration. It depends entirely on God and Nature for healing. As Paracelsus stated, “Nature is the teacher of science.”

In order for mind to be healed, it must be receptive to the impulses of the Soul. The lower ego must resonate with the higher ego and become receptive to the wisdom of the Soul. This is the deepest causative level of health loss. When we become entrapped within the “ruts of I” (the polarity of ego), the seeds of imbalance sprout throughout our levels of consciousness. Dr. Bach, founder of the Bach Flower system, stated it eloquently: “Disease is a kind of consolidation of a mental attitude and it is only necessary to treat the mood of a patient and the disease will disappear.” To be truly effective, any system of natural healing must be able to resonate on this deep, mental, causative level.

The Astral Body

The next partner the Soul takes on is the astral body. The astral body is a lower aspect of mind, a place where feeling is produced. “Lower aspect” in this respect means slower moving, of a lesser vibrating intensity as compared to thought. The astral body is also known as the emotional body. It is subject to the same polarity as the mind; hence, there are feelings of a higher and lower nature. For example, a feeling of unconditional love or a feeling of hatred. The feelings generated are one step closer to acting out in the physical plane. The elements are brought into play on this energetic level. Soul in association with mind on the causative level creates thought. Soul in association with mind on the astral level creates feeling, and the energy of sound/light (Soul qualities) on the same level becomes prana. Five pranas flow out of the astral level: ether prana, air prana, fire prana, water prana and earth prana. Prana is sound/light at a lesser vibratory intensity. The associations and directional flow of this prana create the etheric body.

The Etheric Body

The etheric body has energy centers known as chakras. A chakra is a spinning wheel of prana. There are major chakras and minor chakras. These chakras, coupled with the nadis (etheric nervous system), create the energetic flow system of the etheric body. A chakra slows energy down so Soul may manifest on a more physical level. Human beings have five active elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Cows, horses, deer, bears, etc. have four active elements: air, fire, water and earth. The ether element is dormant. Birds have three active elements: air, fire and water. Ether and earth are dormant. Insects have two active elements: fire and earth. Ether, air and water are dormant. Plants have one active element: water. Ether, air, fire and earth are dormant. Hence, the whole creation is an association of different pranas. All is energy.

The Physical Body

As the chakra slows down the prana, this energy changes into magnetic/electric currents. The slower energy moves, the more physical it becomes. This slower moving energy coming out of the chakras now becomes the physical body. Each chakra or elemental prana is responsible energetically for “overseeing” a physical system and that system’s function. For example, the air center (palpated at the middle of the sternum) is responsible energetically for the physical functions of respiration, circulation, the lungs and the heart.

The physical body is the double of the etheric body and all functions are dependent on movement of energy. On one level, health can be defined as a free movement of energy. Energy that is blocked produces symptoms (the language of Nature). The longer symptoms of blockage are experienced and expressed, the more dis-eased a person is. Dis-eases can be associated with the lack of energy movement, which produces discomfort. All dis-ease can be associated with a lack of freely flowing energy. Pathology is blocked energy. As Hahnemann stated, “There are no diseases, but sick people.”


A cure results when the energy blockage is released on the deepest possible level. When the energy blockage is released, the acute healing mechanism will eliminate the blockage through the appropriate channel of elimination. When the blockage on the emotional level becomes acute, it may be experienced as anger, resentment, bitterness, etc. The same blockage becoming acute on the physical level may be expressed as fever or an angry, red, raw rash. Fever, rash, pain, pimples, boils, mucous discharge, pus, loose stool, constipation, chills, cough, anger, grief, depression, sadness, etc. are expressions of acute healing. As Dr. Kuhne stated, “Dis-ease is the presence of foreign matter in the body.”

Acute healing is always constructive. This is the law of healing, designed by Nature: “Only God and Nature heals.” The law of healing is carried out through the acute expression of blocked energy. When the blocked energy begins to move, we experience symptoms of acute healing. If we disregard the law of Nature and suppress the acute expression, the symptoms of imbalance become more severe. As Dr. A. Just stated, “Nature does not err. Acute dis-eases are favorable healing crises and should be greeted with joy.”

Suppression disregards the wisdom of Nature’s acute healing mechanism. “We heal from above down and inside out.” We suppress from the outside in and from below to above. As an example, if I am suffering from a sore neck and take some form of natural therapeutic treatment which is successful, or in alignment with the law of acute healing, within a short period of time I may experience diarrhea and the neck pain is totally eliminated—the law of acute healing in action. The same neck pain may be suppressed with a strong allopathic pain medication and although the pain in the neck may also be totally eliminated over a period of time I may develop migraine headaches—the law of suppression in action. What would you rather have? A short, intense expression of diarrhea or a possible long drawn out repeated experience of migraine headaches?

Acute healing is Nature’s method. It is not a thing devised by the mind of human beings but a law observed throughout the natural world. We will both respect it and support it or suffer the consequences. “Only God and Nature heals” and it appears that only human beings are arrogant enough to act contrary to Nature. Sounds too simple? Consider Dr. Bach’s statement: “Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will find the further your researches advance, the greater you will realize the simplicity of all Creation.”

Core Synchronism, Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Life Force Current

The idea of Core Synchronism is very simple. I believe it to be in tune with the simplicity of Nature. On the physical level, cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) becomes the physical carrier of the wisdom of the Soul. This fluid conveys the sound and light energies of the Soul throughout the physical body. CSF expresses the highest vibration rate and intelligence to the whole physical body. The whole physical body must accommodate this wave-like motion of the CSF or health is impaired. The founder of osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, stated, “The cerebro-spinal fluid is the highest known element in the human body…. He who is able to reason will see that this great river of life must be tapped and the withering field irrigated at once or the harvest of health is forever lost.” The founder of polarity therapy, Dr. Randolph Stone, said, “The cerebro-spinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibers as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.”

The driving force behind the movement of CSF is the spiraling Life Force Current. “Delving into the choroid plexus, which is the part of the brain where the spinal fluid is manufactured, Drs. Louis B. Flexner and Robert D. Stichler of the Johns Hopkins Medical School have discovered that an electric current (as prana becomes more physical it may be measured as electrical/magnetic currents) drives this fluid out of the cell manufacturing plant and propels it into the spinal cord.” This Current may be palpated at the cranium location known as the anterior fontanel (in the infant) or bregma (in the adult). In health the Current spirals in a clockwise motion. If this Current is reversed, symptoms of dis-ease begin to manifest quickly. The health of our immune system is directly, intimately tied to the correct motion of the Life Current. When the Life Current leaves the physical body and the connection is severed, what we term death is experienced. The Life Current is wise beyond the intellect. We can learn to communicate with this wisdom and use it therapeutically.

Core Synchronism Level One

The whole physical body must synchronize with the wave-like motion of the CSF. Dr. Henry Lindlahr, father of natural therapeutics, stated that the first expression of acute healing is always inflammation. When a portion of the physical body loses its communication with the core fluid (CSF), an asynchronous motion is expressed. This asynchronous motion creates the environment for the expression of inflammation. Consider Dr. Stone: “The cerebro-spinal fluid is the liquid medium for the life energy radiation; expansion and contraction. Where this is present, there is life and healing with normal function. Where this primary and essential life force is not acting in the body, there is obstruction, spasm, or stagnation and pain, like gears which clash instead of meshing in their operation.” The cause of inflammation on the physical level can now be palpated and corrected. The longer the asynchronous motion is expressed the greater the symptoms of imbalance. Core Synchronism offers us, as body workers, the opportunity of treating inflammation at its causative level. When synchrony has been re-established, the body is now communicating with its core wisdom and the experience or expression of inflammation is not necessary.

A result of inflammation is pain. Inflammation is a result of a part being out of synch with the core fluid motion. Core Synchronism level one presents a treatment sequence designed to synchronize the entire physical body with the tidal movement of the core fluid.

Core Synchronism Level Two

Stability within the physical body depends on the integral balance of the etheric body. Core Synchronism level two emphasizes the energetic relationships of the etheric body with the fluid motion of the physical body. The following techniques are taught: reading the wave pulses (which are the five elemental pranas in their acute and chronic poles), balancing the major and minor chakra spins, reading and balancing the birth-body energetic elemental relationships, reading and balancing the energetic triad relationships, and a deeper palpatory understanding of the importance of the spine and nervous system in relationship to the etheric body and its elemental expression. These techniques and palpatory abilities help us to assist Nature in achieving harmonious fluid balance between the etheric and physical bodies. The whole of the subtle body field has to be integrated with the tidal motion of the core fluid to experience balance.

Core Synchronism Level Three

The stability of the body is also dependent upon the correct fluid relationships of all the brain parts. The membranes of the head, cranial and facial bones are all following the brain motion. If the brain segments are asynchronous, there is no stability possible in these other structures.

Synchronistic balance is from the inside out. As Dr. Andrew Taylor Still states, “…all nerves drink from the waters of the brain….” If the brain is confused (asynchronous) with the core current, core fluid and its own segments one may only imagine what havoc is presented to all other structures.

Like healing, balance is from the inside out. This havoc of the asynchronous brain is not confined to the physical body but also impacts dramatically the mental and emotional bodies. Core Synchronism level three will address the synchronistic motion of the brain as the primary motion for stability within the cranial system. Many stubborn mental/emotional/etheric/physical complaints may be related to asynchronous brain motion. Brain palpation is a very exciting journey, which will lead us to a deeper understanding of fluid motion and its importance in manifesting health. As our palpation abilities grow we will be able to perceive deeper into our client. Is it possible to perceive the habitual energetic patterns created by thought and feeling? What does a client experience when these patterns are released? What happens to the trauma experienced at birth and what is its relationship to the adult structure and function? How intelligent is the Life Current? Is the Life Current able to point out unusual relationships of blockage? Is it possible to palpate the entire energetic model that Dr. Stone has left us? Do our developing palpation skills lead us into past lives? Core Synchronism level three answers all these questions and more.

Core Synchronism Level Four

As our practice of core deepens we continue to feel deeper into the physical and energetic parts that comprise the human being. Core Synchronism level four teaches six additional wave pulse readings. With these we are able to understand elemental imbalance more thoroughly. Correcting these imbalances has a strong stabilizing effect. These corrections also open deeper access to the unconscious field. Level four also teaches how to balance the entire endocrine chain and addresses the need for deeper understanding of what the functional still-point is and why it is the goal of all core treatments.

Core Synchronism Level Five

Core Synchronism level five teaches how all elements are working together within each of the minor and major chakras. This level opens up an elegant approach to deeper balancing. With this palpatory knowledge a therapist is able to make deep elemental relationships with any structure.

Core Synchronism Level Six

Core Synchronism level six completes the system. Level six teaches the core neutral template. With this palpatory knowledge we are able to treat any condition. All previous levels are integrated into level six. This integration completes the circle of the Core Synchronism system of hand medicine. Upon completion of level six students are certified as Core Synchronism practitioners.

There appears to be no end to how far one may develop palpatory abilities. Language really doesn’t allow for clear explanation of Core Synchronism. Experience and much practice is the key to understanding. Once again these techniques are very simple but require a dedicated, repetitive practice. Dr. Sutherland, founder of the cranial concept, said it this way: “We must learn to work with thinking fingers.” I say, “Repetition is the spice of skill.”

Core Synchronism is an unfolding of my understanding of the philosophy of natural therapeutics, philosophy of classical homeopathy, polarity therapy, cranial osteopathy and Dr. Bach’s work with Flowers. I consider Core to be the next step of application that has come out of my understanding of the above. The system is very simple yet has taken many years to work out. I owe an unpayable debt to those visionary pioneers that have dedicated their lives to their visions. Here are a few written works that have helped me beyond measure and have planted questions in my mind that demanded answers (and continue to do so):

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It is a somewhat slow process to train therapists that feel confident to teach Core Synchronism. At the present time there is a small group of dedicated, very competent therapists willing and able to teach. Training teachers of core is progressing on a regular basis. My concern is one of quality, not quantity. If you would like me, along with an assistant or certified Core teachers, to teach a workshop in your area please contact me at:

or 505-266-5265.

Core Synchronism is ongoing in its application, understanding and development. Discoveries that have been made and that are currently being made have been integrated into the six levels of classes. Although Core is taught in six levels it is practiced as one. The development of our palpation skills allows us to eventually feel all levels of relationship as one. This unfolding of palpation ability and understanding cannot be rushed.

The name Core Synchronism, all written material and charts are all protected by copyright. Anyone desiring to reproduce or use this material in any fashion must have the written permission of the author, Robert Stevens. It is my wish that all levels of Core Synchronism be taught only by instructors certified directly by myself.