Essential Oils & Flower Medicine Formulas

Essential Oil + Flower Medicine = Essential Oil & Flower Medicine Formulas

Essential Oils that check sufficiently high in life energy are known as medicinal oils. The age old radiesthetic method is used for the determination of the percentage of life energy. Only essential oils that register 99% or 100% life energy will be considered medicinal. Medicinal means able and capable of bringing about a healing reaction in accordance with the law of acute healing or able and capable of preserving and maintaining health. All oils used in the essential essence formulas are of medicinal quality.

Medicinal essential oils are unusual in their abilities regarding healing. These oils exhibit complex chemistry and high frequency. High frequency refers to the ability to vibrate with sufficient speed to influence the mental/emotional bodies of human beings. The ability to resonate with the mental/emotional bodies firmly places medicinal essential oils into the arena of true healers. The resonate influence on the mental/emotional bodies is accomplished quickly.

Flower Remedies are medicines made from the flowers of flowering plants. Dr. Edward Bach was the modern day pioneer of this system of healing. He discovered that certain plants have a profound influence on the mental/emotional bodies. The latent power of the flowers is drawn out in the process of potentization. The potentization process is simple and involves little human interaction with the flowers. For more information on how the flower essences are prepared see: The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician, by Nora Weeks.

In the year 1974 my own healing needs led me to seek help using the Bach Flower Remedies. The results were so encouraging that I became a student and practitioner of the Bach System. After several years of practice I was led to start my own proving of flowers not found within the Bach System. I was not interested in finding flowers that reproduced the proving that Dr. Bach carried out. His brilliant work stands completed. But things change as the wheel turns. The things that we are aware of now are different then Dr. Bach’s day. Hence, the need for new flower essences to address these needs. A proving is understanding the effect a flower has upon human consciousness. A proving is a journey from an unknown to a known effect on consciousness. The final phase of a flower proving is to put the effects into language. At this point we have a starting point of reference for those suffering. Here are two examples: if I am suffering from known fears and I am led to the Bach System I will discover that Mimulus treats all known fears. If I am suffering from hatred and am led to the Stevens System I will discover that Wild Violet treats all levels of hatred including self hatred. For additional information regarding the Stevens System see: Mental/Emotional Flower Proving by Robert Stevens.

At some point in my journey of discovery I thought it would be an interesting idea to combine medicinal essential oils with flower essences. Medicinal essential oils enter the organism very quickly. When inhaling there is a direct impact on the brain. I thought that these medicinal essential oils would make fantastic carriers for flower essences. I thought it would be kind of like taking a persons head off and having a direct path of influence into the mental/emotional bodies. The influence would also be by two dynamic healers simultaneously. This open access would also happen quickly. Imagine!

After a few years of experiment I was finally shown a way to energetically bond the flower essences to the molecular structure of the medicinal essential oils. Birth was given to Essential Oil + Flower Medicine Formulas. The effects on healing have proven to be exceptional.
These formulas are a combination of medicinal essential oils and flower medicines. With the addition of flower medicines the essential oils ability to heal on the mental/ emotional level has been greatly enhanced. There are no filler oils used in any formula. The formulas are powerful and are for external use only. Under no circumstances are essential essence formulas indicated for internal use or to be put in any orifice. The formulas may be applied neet ( directly to the skin) or inhaled. If your skin is sensitive or you are using a formula for an infant or child please test before using. Place a small amount of the formula on the inside skin of the wrist. Wait a few minutes. If the skin burns, turns red or itches then you are exhibiting a sensitivity to the formula. Rinse the formula off with cold water. External use of that formula is not recommended. This does not indicate that the formula cannot be used for healing. The essential oil + flower medicine formulas may also be inhaled. This method delivers the healing qualities of the oils and flower essences directly to the brain center. Inhale as frequently as needed. If there is no skin sensitivity external application and inhalation may be used together safely. Mixing the essential essence formula with organic vegetable oil may eliminate skin sensitivity. Place a small amount of organic vegetable oil in a dish with one drop of the essential essence formula of choice. Mix and apply. The major and minor chakra centers are excellent application sites for external application. Rub one drop of the formula into the chosen center. Rub the formula in the direction that the major or minor chakra is spinning (clockwise or counter clockwise). One drop applied three times per day is the maximum recommended dosage. The number of times a formula may be inhaled per day is up to the individual user. Do not put essential essences formulas in the eyes, ears, nose, rectum or genitals. A small amount of formula goes along way. These formulas represent a gift of nature for our healing needs. They are powerful. Use them accordingly.