Healing Modalities

Energy must flow for health.

IN ORDER TO HEAL WITH NATURE it is essential to have a philosophical understanding of how her healing process works.

This understanding is presented in the lecture series Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics/Nature Cure. In addition there will be practical demonstrations of simple Nature Cure techniques designed to assist Nature in her healing journeys. Natural Therapeutics is the combination of Nature Cure and Homeopathy. This definition also holds true for Naturopathy. Hence, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the philosophy of homeopathy and some practical knowledge of homeopathic medicines to practice Natural Therapeutics (Naturopathy).

The oldest form of medicine is Nature Cure. The oldest modality of Nature Cure is touch. Touch is strong medicine. Dr. Stone advanced the practice of touch or hand medicine considerably by his development of Polarity Therapy. The next advancement is taking place currently with the development of Core Synchronism. As Polarity Therapist Phil Lontz says, “Core Synchronism represents the most significant advancement in bodywork since Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy”. Reflexology, Reflex Polarity and Stretching Techniques are essential tools for any competent bodyworker.

For natural healing modalities to be effective they must be able to resonate with the unconsciousness. The release of the unconscious trauma allows healing. It is the suppression of the unconscious trauma that represents the soil of pathology. Core Radionics, Homeopathy, Color, Flower Medicine and Medicinal Grade Essential Oils are effective tools for opening the door to unconscious trauma. Energy must flow for health. The unconsciousness does not have an infinite storage capacity. The trauma stored in the unconsciousness must be released periodically. Wholistic bodywork systems based on an accurate model of a human being, core radionics, homeopathy, flower medicine, color, essential oils all represent modalities that have the potential to unlock the doors of the unconsciousness. Opening this door allows healing to take place.

Health Building, Natural First Aid, Food Medicine, Kitchen Medicine, Herbal Medicine offer ideas and practices for improving, regaining, preserving health. our “greatest wealth.”

Healing Modalities

  • When people are born, they’re supple and soft;
    When they die, they end up stretched out firm and rigid;
    When the ten thousand things and grasses and trees are alive, they’re supple and pliant;
    When they’re dead, they’re withered and dried out.
    Therefore we say that the firm and rigid are companions of death,
    While the supple, the soft, the weak, and the delicate are companions of life.
    If a soldier is rigid, he won’t win;
    If a tree is rigid, it will come to its end.
    Rigidity and power occupy the inferior position;
    Suppleness, softness, weakness, and delicateness occupy the superior position.
    Lao Tzu
    Lao Tzu