Core Synchronism

“Core Synchronism represents the most significant advancement in bodywork since Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy.”

CORE SYNCHRONISM IS A SYSTEM OF HAND MEDICINE designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism.

It is not pathology specific. It is a mechanical system designed to restore balance, which results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.

Healing Modalities

  • Energy itself has intelligence which must have a direction of flow or a way to go, or it defeats itself in useless expenditure and destruction. Every energy block in mind, emotion and in matter is an obstacle which often necessitates eruptions of a volcanic type in nature, and as disease in man and beast or in vegetation. In such conditions the norm of the mental pattern of energy flow in form and use has been interrupted and must right itself. The wise man and physician looks for the cause and assists nature in balancing this directional energy circuit back to its norm---physically, mentally and emotionally.
    Dr. Randolph Stone
    Dr. Randolph Stone