• My first core treatment was in 1998 after one of my coworkers bragged about the treatment she had received.

    “She can tell if you have a broken heart.” She said.

    I took the bait. I wanted to meet the mysterious woman who could fix a broken heart. I was sure I had one.

    My heart turned out to be fine, much to my dismay. The therapist seemed to be more concerned with the state of my low back and pelvis.

    “What’s going on here?” She asked, while gently placing her hands on my hips.

    “Oh that.” I replied matter-of-factly.

    I explained that I had been seeing a chiropractor for several months. The pain in my back had been so severe that I went to see a medical doctor, assuming something life-threatening was happening in my body. They found nothing. My mother suggested chiropractic care. What he found was an old injury, one I had sustained during the birth of my daughter. Forceps had been used to pull her out. The process shifted my hips, and they healed that way. Eight years later the result was severe pain and numbness. At the age of twenty-eight I was using the furniture in my house to pull myself up before attempting to walk. I was feeling hopeless.

    “Let’s fix that,” the therapist replied confidently.

    A warm rush flooded my lower body. I was in awe. The treatment flew by and I found myself feeling renewed and inspired about my situation.

    That single treatment, with a core therapist, eliminated my need for chiropractic care for the next three months. My pain was gone! I knew I needed to learn how to help people in this way.

    Fast-forward to the year 2010. I am now a Level IV core practitioner. I have seen stroke victims write again, babies sleep, headaches removed, mysterious pain eliminated, and balance restored to my clients. Each story of progress renews my desire to help. I am still in awe of this work, the simplicity and beauty of it.

    Core doesn’t just fix problems, it restores hope and I find myself truly blessed to be a part of that experience. Knowing how to use it is a gift. Seeing peace in the eyes of people I’ve helped, with the use of core, makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

  • As a chiropractic and naturopathic physician, I’ve studied numerous manual therapies so as to provide the best treatment for my patients. These techniques have ranged from massage, muscle energy, myofacial release, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic manipulation, reflexology, chiropractic manipulative reflex technique, and acupressure.

    These therapies have given relief to my patients at one time or another and for a few fortunate patients a complete cure. However, after experiencing Core synchronism personally due to a lower back injury, I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced a technique so powerful, so absolute and so life altering as core synchronism. This gentle technique is true to its name; it reaches to your “Core”, and gently synchronizes your vital force, with your physical body. It has removed my pain which I had experienced daily. I’ve been pain free for well over a year. Robert Stevens has truly given a beautiful gift to the world through Core Synchronism.

  • I was working on a client that just had a hysterectomy. As expected there was little–if anything–in synch in her abdomen and pelvis. After I reestablished correct motion I was drawn deep into the abdomen, next to her spine to the thoracic duct. It was out of synch with the core. I held the core at bregma and my fingertips over the duct. When it released, her pelvis opened and swelling decreased dramatically.

  • I was suffering badly from the flu when I decided to give my core therapist a call to help. He came right over to my place and gave me a Core treatment and helped me with a hydrotherapy wet t-shirt pack. As soon as he started treatment I relaxed to a point where my coughing and sniffling subsided, and I was able to sleep soundly that night. The next morning I felt great! I wish we still lived in the same city!

  • I have had several physical problems including spinal stenosis, both hips replaced, a-fib, heart attack and 4 stents. I got a series of core synchronism sessions from ES, and each time I felt less and less discomfort and pain. Currently I do not feel any pain or discomfort while sitting, walking normal distances, while shopping or going from place to place. Since having ES’s treatments, I have been able to reduce all my blood pressure medication while maintaining the desired blood pressure level needed for my heart condition. I know for a fact that her treatments have helped me get back to living a normal life.

  • I first met my core therapist in July 2009 when she attended a yoga class I was instructing. During the class, I mentioned I was having trouble with vertigo and could not find the reason for the occasional bouts. She approached me after class and explained she was trained in core synchronism and that she might be able to help me with my vertigo. She volunteered to give me a brief treatment, gratis, right then and there, so I climbed up on one of the sturdy tables in the room in which I had been teaching. She gently performed a brief core adjustment and explained to me what she was doing as she proceeded. New to this experience, I wasn’t sure of the methodology or the results. I scheduled a second appointment a week later at her office during which she asked many pertinent questions and administered a thorough and gentle 1-hour treatment. Several weeks afterward when teaching another yoga class, I fell in class as a result of my vertigo. I made a third appointment with my core therapist and have yet to experience another bout of vertigo!

  • Thought I would share with you something a client and I are working on. She has Lyme disease and she can’t afford the expensive alternative protocols that are out there. If you are interested in those protocols, go to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s web site. He is one of the leading alternative practitioners dealing with Lyme disease right now.

    She did research and came up with one of Dr. Klinghardts protocols which consists of three products that are supposed to be taken together. She wrote down the names of the products and brought them to her treatment. I used the pendulum and asked how many times I should give the command with those three products and came up with the number 8. At the time that seemed like a lot of times to give the command, but by the end of the treatment it made perfect sense.

    I started with a Core VI tx, doing the brain and checking all the cores. Then we started with the protocol commands. The first time I gave the command, her brain knocked around like something had really hit it hard, but with each subsequent repetition of the command, I felt her brain and whole body softening, accepting, and really loving the protocol. I waited several minutes between each command until her body got very quiet before giving the command again.

    We did a second tx with those specific commands a week later. That time I only did the command 5 times.

    She called me today (nearly a week after that last treatment) and she is really excited about how good she is feeling. She says working with the command protocol like that feels like super healing without all the yukky fatigue, nausea, die-off, etc. she has gone thru before.

    Go Core!

  • We worked calves today and my client got kicked really hard in the left temple. His vision disappeared in the left eye and he doesn’t remember a few seconds of time. He also went deaf for a few seconds. I sat him down and restarted his sphenoid and zygomat, then after packing him with ice, I finished the treatment. His vision is back to normal as well as his hearing. He has no bruising, just some tenderness to touch. I gave him heypericum and arnica every ten minutes alternating. No headache, dizziness or other neurological signs remain. The potential for reducing head injuries with rapid intervention became apparent. He went into a deep sleep during the treatment but was easily awakened afterwards. His left brain was just wild when I started, but it calmed and synchronized. I never want to have to treat my husband for a head injury again but was glad I knew how. Thanks for the info Robert.

  • I was privileged to participate in a wonderful case. Two of the people I trained in core are a father daughter team that live about 350 miles from me. The daughter had a normal pregnancy with no complications and felt wonderful the whole time. When she went into labor, the baby showed signs of distress with a heart rate of 40. They decided on an emergency c- section. There was dark muconium which indicated the baby had been in distress for over 24 hours. The little girl had no heart beat and was resuscitated. The medical team estimated her time with no oxygen to be 7 to 9 minutes. She was on the ventilator and very sick. The doctors gave her very little chance of survival and if she did she would have severe cerebral palsy and deafness.

    As soon as he could, the grandfather started to do Core work on her. He said the brain was chaos and he had to repeat the sequence each time he held her. He had not learned the new discoveries of the movements of the fornix or corpus collosum. He also has a sister who is a nun and she was at a religious retreat with 700 other nuns and they were praying for her. After one week, the doctor was leaving for vacation, and told the mother she needed to prepare herself for shutting off the machines and letting her go. He returned the third week to a baby off the ventilator and eating. He told the mother that whatever she and the grandfather were doing they should continue because the medical team was not responsible for her improvements and she should not have survived.

    She did develop a seizure disorder at that time. They put her on medication for the seizures and were still convinced she was deaf. The grandfather called me and asked if I could see her before her next EEG to get her off medication. She had no movement in the corpus collosum and her fornix was almost pleated in a still position posteriorly. It took a very long time for it to move. There were other corrections that needed to be made also but none as extreme as those. Then I looked at the ears. Her left temporal was below the spheno-basilar junction and the right was above the junction. The inner ear in both were still also. As I got these to move, she started to rub at her ears and push me away.

    I received a call the day after the EEG. They could find no evidence of seizure activity even with strobe light stimulation. She has no muscle spasticity indicating CP, and she is startling and looking towards loud noises. They are weaning her off her medications. I love my job!

  • When I moved to Waco in 2008 and met RK, she mentioned that she does core synchronism. I was very excited because the year before I had a chance encounter with another core synch practitioner while vacationing in Los Angeles. I had broken my leg and a metal pin had been inserted to hold the two pieces of bone together. This practitioner synched my body and the metal pin to help me heal, so I knew how effective the process can be.

    I started seeing RK professionally for several health issues, including a metabolic syndrome resulting in low thyroid and diabetes. During the past two years, we have worked on brain sequence, lymphatic treatments, fascia treatment and endocrine sequence to synchronize different systems to aid in relaxation and healing.

    RK’s work has increased my comfort and well-being. During a session, I can feel my energy moving through my body from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Overall, core synchronism is more invigorating and relaxing than a physical massage. When my doctor changed my twice daily injections from Byetta to insulin, my blood sugar came under control, but I had a sense of general malaise. RK helped my body adjust to the change in medication, reinforced core synchronism for my endocrine problems, and left me feeling fit. I highly recommend core synchronism to everyone as an excellent means of healing and maintaining health!

  • I had an interesting treatment this week. a client with colon cancer came in 2 days before getting the cancer removed. The doctors were concerned with an area of constriction or spasm in the small intestine; they were concerned it was a metastasis. She had no oval currents in the fire oval field at all. It took a long time but we were able to establish all currents and their timing. We did the commands for cancer and fear of cancer. I got a call from the daughter. The surgery was supposed to take over 2 1/2 hours. it took less than 2 and the doctor was puzzled because there was no area of constriction or problem in the small intestine, and the colon was much better then he expected after viewing the colonoscopy results. The cancer was smaller and contained.

  • I wanted to take a few moments of your time to share a story with you about healing that is beginning to come to my best friend through the hands of AB, by the way of your teaching.

    My best friend endured unthinkable sexual, physical and mental abuse from a person who was supposed to be a trusted and loving adult, her aunt. The abuse took place from ages 1 – 17. She has memory of some specific instances but most of it has been sealed away in her psyche. Her best defense for the torture she endured.

    I have known her for approximately 16 years and have seen her cycle through abusive relationships, jobs, everything you’d expect to see from a survivor of such trauma. A path that seems to continually lead to self-destruction.

    She attended another school to become a massage therapist and it appeared through that experience, some healing, or at least realization of the need for healing, began. Again, in the midst of her advancement, a relationship turned destructive and she did not pass her exam.

    In July, I was able to convince her to accompany me to your school for student massage. I had been a client of AB’s, and I had a feeling his gifts and techniques would be good for her. The treatments have been far better than I could have imagined. She is a long way from healed but finally on the path to healing! AB has given her a way to heal without having to drudge up all the memories and emotions involved in the trauma. She’s tried counseling, cranial sacral, holographic re-patterning, western drugs, everything thing you could possibly think of. This is the first time I’ve seen her begin to truly, truly heal! I cannot thank you and AB enough for what you are doing for my friend! It is such an amazing feeling to see her smile and truly laugh again! I know she still has a long way to go, but she is finally on the right path and moving forward.

    I know AB’s time with the school is short. I hope he will be able to practice at your school for as long as possible. He is an amazing person. He and his talents and gifts appear to exemplify the very importance and reason for your school and training.

    Thank you for taking the time to train AB, and in turn, help my dearest friend!

  • have had problems with vertigo for several years. It comes and goes as it pleases with no discernible pattern to its appearances. Its first appearance caused a trip to the emergency room with the personnel there thinking I was suffering from a heart attack as the minor outward symptoms were similar: cold sweat, vomiting, and pale visage combined with an inability to stand without throwing up. The scariest thing about the attack was the disjointed vision. A medication was the cause of that occurrence and I had no more problems until I was prescribed another medication with the same ingredient. My reaction to that was not as severe but was bothersome.

    The vertigo came back unannounced and I was sent by my personal doctor to the only doctor in our area who practiced the maneuver that relieved positional vertigo. I saw him on three different occasions as vertigo returned twice more. He told me that he had never seen anyone who was affected on both right and left sides or that he had to see on three occasions. Had I not responded, finally, to the treatment on the third visit he planned to send me to a specialist for surgery on my ear. That doctor moved to another town some distance away. When I had the next attacks my physician sent me to a physical therapist who performed a different maneuver that was effective. She made sure that my husband watched what she was doing so that he might be able to help me with another episode. She too has now relocated and there is no one else in the area who treats the problem.

    I was told that a core practitioner in town had successfully worked with someone else who had a problem with vertigo and called to make an appointment with her. I explained to her that I had not had a major attack, but had been nauseous and off kilter for the last months and, that although it is not a life threatening disease, it certainly interferes with my quality of life. I know it can be very dangerous if I am on stairs or a ladder or driving when an episode occurs. I love baths but I shower now as I don’t want to have an occurrence in the bathtub.

    I have been seeing her for several months and some strange and unusual things have happened with my body, particularly the right side of my face and my right ear: heat that turns my right cheek and ear red, buzzing and crackling (almost electrical) sounds in my right ear, heavy sweating to my head, and pressure in my ear. As I lay on her table my head would slant to the left (the right side is the most vulnerable side) and on my last visit it was almost straight. I am still careful about looking up or down for sustained periods. I am not nauseous all the time. I feel good and can do the things I choose to do. I’m a happy woman.

    My core therapist has certainly helped me with my problem. I am hopeful that I will never have to deal with it again.

  • I had been battling depression and anxiety for months. Past events had become “blockages,” which made total healing impossible through talk therapy and acupuncture. My core therapist was a great listener and his touch was so gentle and relaxing. After one session, I felt relief. And the relief continued to progress over the next few days. I felt like I was able to move through life with ease. My core therapist’s treatment was totally non-invasive, unlike the prescription meds I’m currently taking, and so much more effective.

  • It’s like going in for a tune-up. Core Synchronism treatments assisted me to a degree where other modalities were far less successful. Keep an open mind…. it’s worth the experience and result.  (This is a person who experienced a palpable knot disappearing from her back after 20 years of no success with other modalities.)

  • Core Synchronism has been invaluable to me as both a recipient and a practitioner. It is probably the most relaxing and effective work that I have ever received, and I have witnessed remarkable results with my patients. As a naturopathic doctor, I have many ‘tools’ at my disposal, and Core has proven to be one of the most useful and appreciated. My patients are so grateful for the results they see, and I am sometimes surprised at how large a part of my practice it is. During my residency training in integrative medicine, I was initially discouraged from offering treatments that are not covered by insurance, however it soon became evident that people were not dissuaded by this, and I was almost always booked with Core sessions. This is by far one of the most valuable trainings I have ever completed.

  • I am working with a 28 year old man who has Downs Syndrome. Due to two deaths in his family and his own limitations he had lots and lots of anger. The anger is why he was originally brought to me for Core work. The treatments were releasing the anger and I also put him on two of Robert’s remedies: sachuista and sage, one dose a week for 16 weeks. The remedies, potencies, and frequency of dosing were selected using the pendulum. I warned his parents that things could get worse before they got better. So they were sort of prepared for what happened next- after he took his first dose he went up to his room, yelled and screamed and “cursed like a sailor” for about 10 minutes. Then he calmly came back downstairs and joined the family in a peaceful way. This pattern has continued with subsequent doses. Because of the “cursing like a sailor” they call the remedy his “Sailor Remedy”. (There’s an idea for a formula, Robert!)

    The good news is that his anger level has dropped dramatically, he is more cooperative at home, and his behavior at work (where he had gotten written up for bullying and bad language) has mellowed and he is getting along with the other workers and supervisors. He feels and even looks much happier now.

  • I first experienced Core Synchronism in 2008. I had recently had knee surgery, and sprained my back. The physical therapy I was doing was not effectively helping me recover at all. After spending a few months moping on my couch, I was given a recommendation to see a Core therapist. Going into the treatment I could barely walk, and due to my back pain, I could not stand up at more than a 45 degree angle. I jogged home. Core was, and continues to be a godsend in my life. I cannot express how blessed I feel to have received treatments, and now to have the opportunity to study it.

  • I was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer in January 2007. I was 62 at the time and otherwise healthy and active. My gynecological oncologist did ‘debulking’ surgery (removing as much of the cancer as possible), and I was put on chemotherapy for seven months. The cancer recurred in February of 2008. I was given various chemotherapy regimens for the next year and a half, but none of them of them were successful in stopping the spread of the disease. My doctor recommended that I go see Robert in April 2009. Robert was very clear that he did not treat disease, but he thought that by releasing energy blockages in my body and adjusting my core current I could benefit. At the time I had palpable inguinal lymph nodes on both sides of my pelvis that were painful when walking, constipation that had been present for the two years of chemotherapy, bloating, pain in my shoulders, neck and back above my kidneys, sinus problems and mental fuzziness.

    After my first couple of visits, the constipation was corrected and has remained corrected even with the reintroduction of cancer drugs. He was able to draw pain from my lymph nodes and they have reduced in size. The pain in my back along the kidneys is gone at this time and the shoulder and neck pain has been reduced. The sinus pain is gone. I have dropped my ibuprofen use from 1800 mg/day to 200 at night to help me sleep. My mental concentration has returned and I am reading and retaining information again. I continue to exercise and my quality of life has improved immeasurably despite the continued spread of the cancer. I bike, ski, hike and walk. My doctor confirms that the tumor burden appears manageable for the moment although it remains volatile. I continue to see Robert on a regular basis. The immediate feeling of strength and wholeness is remarkable. Robert has encouraged my body and spirit to rise to meet the disease. For this I am ever grateful.

  • As school is coming to a close, I just wanted to write to say thank you. Truly, deeply, sincerely, thank you. For the program and the curriculum at NMSNT, and specifically, for the gift of core synchronism.

    Core synchronism, both on the giving and receiving ends of it, has been nothing short of a miracle for me. You may remember how, when I first came to Albuquerque to enroll at NMSNT a year ago, I had chronic and debilitating pelvic issues that had been a major handicap on how I lived my life… and how one session of core with you changed that, for good.

    Having the opportunity to enroll in the core classes back in September was such a blessing for me; learning core has changed the way I relate to… well, everything, and has heightened my sensitivity levels dramatically. I have seen some truly profound shifts occur in my clients while doing core in the clinic. It is nothing short of amazing.

    And. I wanted to thank you for referring BD, the young woman with ovarian cancer, to me for core treatments. I have done two treatments with her so far, and we have scheduled two more in the coming week. It has been an incredibly powerful and positive experience for both of us. She has responded warmly and enthusiastically to core and has told me it has helped her with her chemo treatments immensely. Working with her has been an extremely poignant experience for me, but the treatments are helping her and I feel an immense sense of gratitude for this- being able to give to another the gift that core synchronism has given me.

    I’m not sure if I can express this deeply enough in words, but. I mean all of this and more. Core synchronism has profoundly changed my life, and the way that I am in the world, and I just want to thank you for your presence and the amazing work you have done in your life.

    I hope to be able to share the incredible gift of core synchronism with many people- it has changed my life in beautiful and profound ways, and I hope to be able to pay that gift forward many many times.

  • A woman I was talking to on the phone said she has peripheral neuropathy. She had a core session and she drastically improved. She could walk again! She needed to find someone near her hometown so she can continue with core treatments. She said to thank you for your wonderful work and for putting this modality into other’s hands.

  • I am awed by the power of Core Synchronism that helped me integrate my entire being. I would arrive feeling like a puzzle with all my pieces jostled out of place. Then, during the session I’d feel the pieces righting themselves and settling back into place. I find this effect to be more enduring than any other kind of body work that I have done.

  • Some clients of mine called and asked me to work on their mother. She was recovering from open heart surgery. When I arrived, she was hooked up to so many lines and machines and she was having seizures. Also, she was in a coma. I proceeded to do core work and had some interesting results! The first treatment, her seizures stopped and the doctors had no explanation for this. The next treatment, she came out of the coma, and squeezed my hand ( which she had not done until then. She became more conscious as the days continued. I have continued to work with her and the hospital is getting ready to transfer out of ICU. Core work is amazing!

Core Synchronism

  • I have walked along a quiet shore with lots of seaweed floating out in the water. I have watched this seaweed moving in rhythmic patterns with the groundswell, with the tide. Some were spiraling in one direction and some were spiraling in the other. For a large pattern, see the hurricane, see the potency in the eye of the hurricane, not the destruction around the outside. See the stillness at the center and the spiral movement.
    Dr. William Garner Sutherland
    Dr. William Garner Sutherland