Core 8 Treatment Notes

Core 8 Treatment Notes
June 12, 2018 Robert Stevens NTS, ND, CCSP

Felt that there was a chaotic storm inside my being when receiving the core 8 part of the treatment. Using the core as a scanning device.

When I left I walked the neighborhood and noticed I was walking completely different. Knees bent and relaxed and legs and feet grounded. It felt really unusual but good.

As people approached during the walk I noticed I wasn’t afraid or tense as if my hypervigilance was gone. Felt soft and calm.

Got home and felt relaxed. Was singing and laughing and then laid down and went out for an hour and a half. Slept like a rock every night for a week with vivid dreams. Lots of nature and animals.

I was back and forth during the day with old self of worry and so focused on getting things done and the new self very surrendered, relaxed and not worried in the least.

That first week all my clients went out in their sessions right at the beginning of the session. The sessions were deep and profound and I could feel and see more in their systems than before my core 8 treatment.

I saw the Black Panther movie during the week. It really hit my open system. Was concerned. Once I brought the movie to my spiritual practice and got the greater meaning the residual in my system released.

I have been noticing great enhancement in my spiritual practice, core work, and equanimity and calm walking through daily life. There is an acceptance and surrender that is on a new level.

The universe has handed me some very challenging situations (about 5 big ones) the last month, I believe as a test to my new way of being. My old self with start its old pattern of worry and over responsibility, control and irritation. It will only last a short while until the new self kicks in and says. This is what is right now and then I proceed to accept and surrender. I ask for help and then proceed to do what needs to be done with a calm and serenity that is very new.

I have also noticed an ease in my relationships and also an ease with setting boundaries with others to preserve my health and well being. Different than what I used to do which is to accommodate what others needed at my expense.