A Correlation Between the Minimum Dose in Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy and Core Synchronism

A Correlation Between the Minimum Dose in Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy and Core Synchronism
September 23, 2018 webadmin

By Eva Lipton-Ormand

Lighter, less anxious, calmer, more balanced: these are just some of the adjectives clients use to describe how they feel after getting off the treatment table following a Core Synchronism session. Throughout my studies of massage therapy and introductions to a variety of other modalities at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, the precept that stuck with me was: the lighter you get, the deeper you go. In student clinic, 200-pound, muscle-bound male clients would be shocked at the results a gentle Polarity application could affect in helping a tight shoulder release. Upon embarking on becoming a certified Core Synchronism practitioner, I was able to take this idea to the next level, as this was an introduction into acting as a guide of cerebral spinal fluid, which allowed a client’s inherent healing ability to spring into action. The touch is light, the intention and knowledge of the body’s mechanics is focused, and patience is required to follow the conversation of fluid rhythm, practitioner intent, and fluid correction time.

When I commenced my studies of homeopathy and after receiving certification in 2013, I would be reintroduced to this idea in a more formalized way. Samuel Hahnemann, the German doctor, master chemist, genius translator, and founder of this form of medicine, in his teaching about the system he developed, that is based on the principle of like curing like, insisted that the optimal administration of homeopathic remedies came in the form of the minimum dose. The idea was that with the smallest amount and potency of a remedy chosen specific to the individual’s needs, the most gentle, effective, and aggravationless action of the remedy would be effected. Not only finding the right remedy from the more than 4,000 that exist nowadays but as importantly, administering the minimum dose, constitute a great part of the art and science that is homeopathy. More is not better in this case and it is discouraging to see that higher potency remedies are being offered over the counter without adequate guidance regarding the meaning and use of these potent medicines.

Sometimes we are guided by principles that do not come to our awareness in their full scope until much later. I have been a practitioner of Core Synchronism since 2008 and while I have found ways to bring homeopathy and Core together in my practice, it is only recently that I made the connection that the principle of the minimum dose applies as much to latter as it does to former. Listening to Core Synchronism founder Robert Stevens teaching Core 1, the foundation level of this hand medicine modality, he explained that the body should access the benefits of treatment with as little aggravation as possible. This principle conforms with the homeopathic principle of the minimum dose; that it should be the practitioner’s intention to activate the Core current only to the degree necessary to initiate the correction of mechanical imbalances on the physical, emotional, and mental planes. And so I am brought back to the wisdom that was imparted in my massage school days: the lighter you get, the deeper you go.