Commentary on Energy in Matter and the Core Mother Template

Commentary on Energy in Matter and the Core Mother Template
November 26, 2012 Robert Stevens NTS, ND, CCSP

Energy in MatterDr. Stone: “It is only the Energy in Matter that makes matter seem alive. When this energy escapes, only the shell is left….A cure constitutes reaching the life current within and reestablishing the free flow of energy. “

Robert Stevens comment: It is the presence of the soul within any organism that manifests life and consciousness. The soul has an energetic pattern as related to form. In core synchronism this pattern is known as the core mother template. This energetic pattern form is the template that sustains life manifesting as matter. When this energetic template pattern disengages from the physical form life functions of harmony, neutral balance, sustenance and consciousness cease. This is known as death.

In order for healing to take place any modality or therapist must be able to communicate directly with the energy giving life to matter. In core synchronism the core mother template is known to move in certain and specific patterns (see Five Cores Comprising the Core Template). A core therapist is able to check and correct these patterns. This correction ensures that the composite parts making up the whole of the organism are receiving optimal energy of life force. This correction reestablishes the free flow of energy. A core therapist is then able to establish communication with the core mother template to any structure of the whole organism. This increases the possibility of a cure. Dr. Stone also said: “Only God and Nature heal.” We as core therapists can only reestablish the free flow of energy to the best of our abilities. A cure is up to someone else.

I was once told by a medical doctor that the ability to palpate the vital force, soul, life force is impossible. I was very pleased to prove this impossibility possible. Dr. Stone obviously cultivated the same ability. The great news is that anyone and everyone possesses this palpation ability. It only takes concentration and practice and a bit of guidance.