What is Core Radionic Analysis and Treatment?

What is Core Radionic Analysis and Treatment?
August 30, 2019 Robert Stevens NTS, ND, CCSP

Core radionics is a method of evaluating energy patterns of trauma that have been imprinted upon the soul itself. Once the core radionic analysis is complete, the practitioner will recommend the form of treatment that will best assist nature in restoring harmony to the soul and the whole being. Treatments may consist of homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, color remedies, etc. These remedies are coded information that represent the exact match to the individual’s deepest unconscious traumas. The core radionic practitioner may also suggest additional treatments such as core synchronism, colon hydrotherapy, diet changes, etc.

The sole purpose of core radionic analysis and treatment is to identify the underlying causative imbalance (trauma) hidden within the unconsciousness of the soul. These hidden patterns of trauma often do not register when standard scientific clinical tests are run to determine the reason someone is suffering. Core radionic analysis and treatment does not replace the services of a competent physician. Core radionic analysis and treatment may be used as a stand-alone therapeutic approach to health imbalances or in conjunction with any other form of therapy. The person suffering must come to understand that the reestablishing of health is primarily their own responsibility. Nature has laws and ways of healing all of our afflictions. We all would benefit by learning how to assist and live with the established laws of nature. As Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) stated so eloquently: “Nature is the healer of all disease.”

Core Radionic Analysis and Treatment

Discoveries from the ongoing development of core synchronism have resulted in a dynamic change regrading my practice of radionics. The core or soul has three pattern energies as seen in the composite of the human organism:

  1. the Vertical Core
  2. the Core Mother Template
  3. the Core Womb

Through the geometric pattern language discovered by Malcolm Rae, it is possible to depict these three aspects of the core (soul) in this pattern language. Through these geometric patterns it is possible to detect the deepest soul traumas. It is not possible to completely clear traumas within the causal body (monad, atmic, buddhic, mental), the astral body, etheric body or the physical body without healing these soul traumas.

I will no longer be doing any analysis on the causal body, astral body, etheric body or physical body. Analysis and treatment will be exclusively centered to these three aspects of the soul. With this discovery it no longer makes sense to treat traumas on the more superficial aspects of the human makeup. Natural healing takes place from the inside out. Since it is now possible to analyze the three deepest aspects of our being why settle for less.

Robert Stevens NTS, ND