A Simple Practice to Boost Natural Immunity

A Simple Practice to Boost Natural Immunity
April 4, 2023 Spiros Antonopoulos

Oh Equinox, the first day of Spring, when nature’s rebirth cycle begins anew. Trees and plants will soon shown signs of emerging life. In the pursuit of health or the regaining of health we have to consider our susceptibility to the external environment. Daily we are exposed to pollens, dust, chemicals, perfumes from synthetics, pesticides and micro organisms. When people are suffering from colds and flus they sneeze, cough and touch. The micro organisms are spread out to the external environment. We breathe them in. All life forms need nourishment to survive. Our bodies must offer nourishment to these organisms for their survival. If the nourishment is available we act as a host. What can we do to increase our natural immunity or lessen our susceptibility to air born pollutants and air born micro organisms?

Dr. Henry Lindlhar, father of Natural Therapeutics, has left for us a simple way to boost our immunity: cold water sniffing.

  1. Cup your hand and fill with cold water.
  2. Close one nostril and sniff the cold water into the open nostril until the cold water comes into the throat.
  3. Blow out.
  4. Repeat 3 to 12 times, and then do the same with the other nostril.
  • Please use filtered water for sniffing. If this is not available boil water for 30 minutes and store in the fridge. Use this water for sniffing.

The nasal cavity and frontal bone sinus cavities are an area that often has an accumulation of mucous. The membranes lining the surfaces of these structures secrete what is called mucin. A natural lubricant. When these structures are irritated mucin is hyper secreted as a protection. This hyper secreted mucin will eventually turn into mucous. Mucous is also formed by poor lifestyle choices. Mucous is glue like and sticky. This sticky, glue like substance is a very good soil for hosting air born micro organisms and other pollutants.

Cold water is a tonic and causes membranes to contract. The combination of tonifying and contracting not only strengthens the nasal membranes but causes the accumulation of mucous to be eliminated. This in turn reduces the susceptibility to air born micro organisms and other pollutants. You have in fact boosted your natural immunity.

Cold water is a strong medicine. When beginning this practice you may experience headaches and some mild pain in the frontal bone sinus cavities. This is normal as the structures are eliminating mucous. If the cold water is too much then use water that is more temperate. As the practice becomes easier use colder water. It also may be challenging to do many sniffs. Start with a few for each nostril and work up. Water sniffing can be done 1-4 times per day. Sniff 3-12 times per nostril.

In my practice of natural therapeutics I have recommended water sniffing to many people. Those that have gotten into the practice have one and all been thankful. I have seen people with life long chronic allergies cured by this simple practice. I have also seen people with chronic susceptibility to colds and flus become free of such imbalances in their immunity. Just by sniffing cold water.

Cold water sniffing accomplishes what warm water and salt in a neti pot can hardly dream of. If you don’t believe it try it out everyday for a few months. See for yourself by your own actions.

Do not be alarmed if old mucous is eliminated by this practice. By old I mean yellow and green in color. Do not be alarmed if there is blood in the mucous. Since the mucous is glue like and sticky if often adheres to the membranes. When the cold water causes contraction the membrane may bleed a bit as the mucous accumulation is pulled out of the nasal structure and the frontal bone sinus cavities. Not to worry.

As the great poet sang, “And your gravity fails. And negativity don’t pull you through” just sniff cold water to flow through your blues. Ha! Happy Spring.

Here is a song that you may enjoy on this first day of spring or perhaps any day of the year.

Peace to you all,
Robert Stevens
Northern New Mexico
March 20,2023