Arnica to the Rescue

Arnica to the Rescue
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(For when “I Feel Like I Got Run Over By A Truck” and more…)

Growing on the mountains, Arnica may be said to possess a native affinity to the effects of falls. As its German name, Falkraut, attests, its value as a vulnerary (of use in the healing of wounds) has been known from remote times. It may be said to be the traumatic par excellence. Trauma in all its varieties and effects, recent and remote, is met by Arnica as by no other single drug, and the provings bring out the appropriateness of the remedy in the symptoms it causes. Dr. Clarke makes this reference that should be noted. Arnica should not be used externally where there is broken skin. For torn and lacerated wounds Calendula must be used locally. —A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, John Henry Clarke, M.D.

The main theme of Arnica symptomatology revolves around a deep traumatic experience upon the physical or emotional or mental body. A traumatic experience of the human organism resulting from injuries, falls, blows, concussions, fright, fear, financial loss, etc. —Materia Medica Viva, Volume 3, George Vithoulkas

The first time Arnica was mentioned in literature was in the writings of Saint Hildegarde of Bingen, who was born in 1099, and lived in a convent until her death at the age of eighty. Later on, in the sixteenth century, a Professor Joel, in Gottingen, was the first medical man to recognize the importance of Arnica as a healing herb. The orthodox medicine up to the present day has not yet subscribed to the healing qualities contained in Arnica. It was the great master, Hahnemann, while trying to work our the law which lay behind the knowledge of the common man or woman of the healing virtues of certain herbs, who came across the well-known Arnica, and proved its action on healthy people. He then found out that it was indeed a herb suitable for injuries and accidents of all sorts. So it became one the the few specifics in that branch of medical therapeutics called homoeopathy. The best specific I know in homoeopathy is Arnica for injuries, falls, and accidents of all sorts. Indeed it has been well known for centuries as a domestic household remedy for falls. In the German language it is called “Fall Kraut,” or “falling herb,” to show its main action. —A Physician’s Posy, Dr. Dorothy Shepherd

The first remedy to be thought of in accidents, takes away the shock which is always present in accidents. Bruises of the flesh. Relieves sore, bruised feeling caused by injury. Bed feels hard. Weakness, weariness, sensation as of being bruised. Wants to be left alone, always says he is all right no matter how ill. —Homoeopathy for Emergencies, Phyllis Speight

Pain, due to mental and/or physical shock is relieved rapidly by Arnica, such as pain and swelling after a troublesome dental extraction; sprains of joints; fractured bones; even in concussions good results follow the internal administrations of Arnica. If the patient is unconscious a small dose of Arnica in pills or granules placed on the tongue will expedite the return to consciousness.

A badly concussed old man, with an extensively lacerated scalp wound was seen some years ago. Six stitches were put in after the scalp had been thoroughly cleansed, the patient remained so deeply unconscious during the whole procedure that the pupil did not respond to light. Then one dose of Arnica was given dry on the tongue, and before I had finished sterilizing the instruments the man roused and enquired where he was. It was almost as if he had been anesthetized, and the effect of the anesthetic had worn off. The Arnica was repeated 4 hourly and within 12 hours he ate a good meal and never looked back.

A boy, ten years old, was brought into the clinic ten days after an accident due to a large brick falling on his right foot, which besides lacerating the skin broke two of the metatarsal bones. He was in hospital for over a week, then discharged as an ambulant case, still unable to walk or put his foot to the ground. When he was brought to the clinic in an invalid chair the day after his return home the Elastoplast dressing was removed at the surgery, exposing a raw suppurating wound under it. This was cleansed with warm water containing a few drops of Calendula and a gauze dressing moistened with Calendula (dilution 1-10) was applied. Arnica was given times daily. These next day the boy was able to put his foot to the ground and two days later he was walking. The swelling had gone and the wound healed up rapidly, within a week he was discharged well, with a sound foot.

An old lady was found unconscious by her daughter one morning as a result of a stroke, due to cerebral hemorrhage. Arnica, 4 hourly, was given for several days and within 24 hours after the first dose she became conscious and recovered completely from her hemorrhage in a few days, regaining the use of all her limbs within ten days.

It has been found that Arnica given internally works wonderfully well in cases of blasts from bombs, and earache due to rupture of the eardrums from the effects of blasts; injuries to eyes from whatever causes, knocks, stones, pieces of grit in the eye are all quickly healed. Extensive bruising of face after boxing disappears within a few hours. Even blindness and cataract following on injuries to the eyes due to the throwing of stones can be prevented with 3 to 4 hourly doses of Arnica given for at least a week. Homoeopathy for the First Aider, Dr. Dorothy Shepherd

Perhaps the most striking use of Arnica for injuries, however, is in serious chronic conditions which originated after trauma. It can perform miracles in cases of post traumatic arthritis, neurological damage, or even depressions.

Additionally in chronic cases, Arnica is mainly used in cases of arthritis and gout, heart disorders, and skin eruptions. It is also a useful remedy in labor where it promotes delivery, relieves the pains and helps to control hemorrhage. Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms, Roger Morrison, M.D.

I feel like I have been run over by a truck

or I ache all over or I feel bruised all over. I have heard these statements so many times over the years that I have lost count. These people are telling you they need Arnica. The healer of all soft tissues injuries. Everyone should have Arnica in their home, office, pack, car, etc. It is a true miracle worker for common everyday accidents and injuries. Just this week I had a client that slipped on the ice and hit her head, ribs and elbows. She went to the ER and received x-ray and c-scan. Nothing was fractured and there was no evidence of bleeding in the brain. After texting me I suggested she begin Arnica every 30 minutes. She did this throughout the evening. The next day she came for a treatment. I worked on her arms, ribs and spent a lot of time on her head and brain. After the treatment she was given a dose of Arnica 200 and a small bottle to take home. I encouraged her to rest. I texted her the next day to check on how she was feeling and she told me that she drove one hour north to check on a roof repair. She said that her head was feeling better and she didn’t realize that it was not right until the next day after the treatment and the Arnica. Her rib was still poking her but also feeling much better. Overall she said she was feeling good.

I have been using Arnica in my personal and professional life for 50 years. The miracles of healing are too many to report. Here are some other conditions that perhaps you are not aware of for using Arnica.

  • When doing an activity that one is not used to, such as dancing, gardening, a work project, etc. take Arnica before, during and after the activity to prevent soreness the next day. For any activity that may be taxing on your strength and energy. Prevents sore muscles.
  • Arnica is great for relieving the strain, stress and anxiety of travel. This includes jet lag. Take Arnica two days before embarking on a long journey. Take every 2 hours when traveling. Take Arnica for 2 days after arriving at you destination.
  • Arnica will relieve the fatigue and weariness after a sleepless night.
  • Arnica may help heal boils.
  • Arnica may help heal sciatica.
  • Arnica may be used by all athletes to decrease the recovery time from intense workouts or intense competitive events.
  • Arnica is a great for pain relief. Especially effective after pain due to Mental. Emotional and Physical shock of all kinds.
  • Arnica is indicated before and after all surgeries. Why? Because in surgery the soft tissue has been violently stretched (cut) and all soft tissue injuries are healed by Arnica. Arnica is a specific for this. Remember this indication would also cover wounds made by bullets or other blunt weapons.
  • Use Arnica both internally and externally to help heal corns.
  • Arnica is very helpful for persons that are fearful of being touched.

In conclusion, please keep Arnica around your life. In your home, your office, your car, your pack, your purse, etc. You will undoubtedly find many uses as Arnica is a master healer and a great gift of Nature.

Peace to you all,
Robert Stevens
Northern New Mexico
November 30, 2023