NMSNT Newsletter – January 2023

NMSNT Newsletter – January 2023
January 12, 2023 webadmin


Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy NMSNT’s first newsletter.

Tis the season for the annual arrival of concerns regarding FLU. I thought it might be helpful to go over the ground of suggestions for helping with this annual challenge to our susceptibility.

Stay warm and dress appropriately. Keep hydrated even though it is cold. Do you remember the base line for keeping hydrated? Drinking 3 liters (100 ounces) of water per day may help you meet your hydration needs to support better health. Drinking enough water is important for many aspects of health, including body temperature, nutrient transport, and brain function. Of course, drinking more than 100 ounces per day is no problem if you so desire. If you are experiencing fever please remember to hydrate even if you have little or no thirst. This will accelerate the healing process and provide an uptick in your over all energy levels.

Please remember that one of Nature’s most potent medicines is REST. Again, REST is a medicine. The medicine of REST should be taken each day regardless of your state of health. Practice resting each day. Yes, REST is a daily practice. The benefits are numerous.

Eat well. Especially around the holidays. Avoid too much refined foods, sugar, animal protein and alcohol. Avoid foods that lower your body temperature like citrus juices. Drink hot water with lemon and honey or maple syrup. Ginger tea is warming and good for fever. It will help you sweat and assist your innate intelligence toward the work of your healing journey back to balance. When recovering from FLU take it easy after the symptoms have ceased. This is a time for caution. I have seen too many times to enumerate persons that have recovered from FLU insist on entering the pace of their life prior to the FLU. Their energy reserves have been depleted. These reserves much be replenished. Take it easy for awhile. REST, HYDRATE, EAT WELL. Take a breather. What I have observed is that people who do not do this have a relapse. Often they get caught in a cycle of recurring FLU. Often this cycle goes on all through the cold months. FLU after FLU. This is easily avoidable by living a life style that will replenish your depleted vitality. Listen to your inner wisdom.

FLU Remedies/Practices/Suggestions

Ravensara Essential Oil:
Place a small amount under each nostril, rub into chest, sides of the neck. 7 drops in a bath is the maximum dose. May be used in the bath with salt and soda or other bath salts. Aerate the water vigorously with you hands before getting into the bath to break up the oil molecules floating on top of the bath water. Ravensara is a miracle of Nature. May combine with lavender 50/50 for cervical pain, thoracic pain and soothes people who are stressed. Anti viral, first sign of flu or cold symptoms. Immunostimulating properties. Excellent for respiratory tract complaints. Nerve tonic. Revitalizes people suffering from physical and nervous fatigue, relieves the depressed and reassures the anxious. It acts on people who no longer enjoy life and doubt everything, especially themselves, those who no longer know where they are through lack of aims or ideals and who, their morale affected, suffer various pains as a result. Muscular relaxant and painkiller, able to be used in cases of joint pain. Ideal for those who want to come out of themselves in cases of depression or psychosomatic illnesses, it shakes up the lethargic and those who avoid their responsibilities.

If Ravensara oil is not available use:
Lavender Oil
Tea Tree Oil

Ginger Tea: boil fresh sliced ginger root for 20 minutes on a low boil, drink the hot tea though out the day. Add honey/maple syrup to taste if desired.

Enema as frequently as needed.

Zinc oral supplement and zinc throat lozenges. The corona virus apparently will not bond with zinc. Important to take both the oral supplement and the throat lozenges.

Elderberry Crystals. The corona virus apparently will not bond with elderberry. Dissolve 4 heaping scoops in water with honey. 1x per day

Zinc + Elderberry liquid. 1 teaspoon 2x’s per day. Can increase to 4 x’s daily when needed.

Host Defense is the company name. These are medicinal mushroom formulas.

Stamets 7 Daily Immune Support. Breath Healthy Respiratory Support. My Community Comprehensive Immune Support, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D 50,000 units at the onset of symptoms.

Consider going on a plant based diet. This diet will decrease the sticky mucous content of the body terrain. Virus and bacteria seem to have an affinity for this sticky mucous. Remember all virus and bacteria are living organisms. They have to eat to survive. What is the host providing in terms of food. Think about it. If you are unwilling to go completely plant base diet reduce or eliminate dairy products, refined sugars, refined flour, all animal flesh.

Saturate a small piece of cotton in raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Squeeze out the excess vinegar, place in one nostril for 1 1/2 hours. Remove, Prepare a fresh piece of cotton, insert into the other nostril for 1 1/2 hours. This will improve the terrain of the mucous membrane of the nose and frontal sinus. This will improve immunity and decrease susceptibility to air born micro organisms.

SEE: Wet Socks Treatment listed under articles at


Osciliococcinum Most beneficial when used within the first 24 hours of symptoms.

Influenzinum: HOMEOPATHIC – With many practitioners, Influenzinum has taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics.

It can be given in the 12c or 30c potency, either in the form of tincture, pills or ten pellets may be dissolved in six ounces of water. Of this a dessert spoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases.

Clarke directed his patients that when “colds” appear in their family, have those who are unaffected take Arsenicum 30 two times daily, and have the patients take Influenzinum 30c every hour or two.

This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the colds, whether they are influenza or not.

Quadruple Nosode: Strong fever, swollen lymph nodes, deep cough, yellow/green mucous, very low energy. Usually confined to bed rest.

A Few More Suggestions:

Arsenicum album 4 pills, every six hours. Intense restlessness, intense anxiety, thirst for small quantities often, diarrhea with watery motions, feeling chilly, cough, worse from lying down, fever with chills.

Bryonia alba 4 pills, every six hours. Dryness of the mouth and lips with thirst for large quantities also sometimes no thirst. No desire to move, want to lie down, dry cough worse from talking, better with warm drinks. Much irritability from noise and disturbance.

Camphora 4 pills, every six hours. Asymptomatic cases or very few symptoms, not much anxiety, sensitivity of the skin, positivity of mind, physical weakness.

Pulsatilla 4 pills, every six hours. Desires company, wants people around, does not like to be alone, weeps easily. No thirst. Dry lips and mouth. Yellowish phlegm. Feels hot and desires fresh air.

All of these medicines may be taken for 7 days as directed.

Homeopathy has its own answer to influenza (FLU) prevention

A double-blind, placebo controlled study for homeopathic “influenzinum” took place in Brazil in early 2000. The conclusion states, “This clinical trial showed that the use of homeopathic medicines prevent flu and acute respiratory infection symptomatic episodes in children, suggesting a homeopathic prophylactic potential. The use of homeopathic medicines to prevent different diseases should be encouraged in the Public Health System, considering that homeopathy is a safe, low-cost and effective therapy.”

For those of you interested in using a homeopathic medicine as a prophylactic to decrease susceptibility to viral life forms try influenzinum 30c.

Place a few pills under the tongue and let dissolve. Avoid water/food 30 minutes before and after taking the medicine.
Take one dose per week or every two weeks or as needed.

If you are having difficulty finding any of these suggestions in your local community here are some providers.

Homeopathic Medicines

Hahnemann Laboratories (west coast)
Toll Free 888-427-6422

Boiron (east coast)

Essential Oils:
855-333-6645 (toll free)

Thank you for your continued interest.
Peace and wellness to you all,
Robert Stevens
Director NMSNT