March 4, 2021 webadmin

When I moved to Waco in 2008 and met RK, she mentioned that she does core synchronism. I was very excited because the year before I had a chance encounter with another core synch practitioner while vacationing in Los Angeles. I had broken my leg and a metal pin had been inserted to hold the two pieces of bone together. This practitioner synched my body and the metal pin to help me heal, so I knew how effective the process can be.

I started seeing RK professionally for several health issues, including a metabolic syndrome resulting in low thyroid and diabetes. During the past two years, we have worked on brain sequence, lymphatic treatments, fascia treatment and endocrine sequence to synchronize different systems to aid in relaxation and healing.

RK’s work has increased my comfort and well-being. During a session, I can feel my energy moving through my body from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Overall, core synchronism is more invigorating and relaxing than a physical massage. When my doctor changed my twice daily injections from Byetta to insulin, my blood sugar came under control, but I had a sense of general malaise. RK helped my body adjust to the change in medication, reinforced core synchronism for my endocrine problems, and left me feeling fit. I highly recommend core synchronism to everyone as an excellent means of healing and maintaining health!