March 4, 2021 webadmin

My first core treatment was in 1998 after one of my coworkers bragged about the treatment she had received.

“She can tell if you have a broken heart.” She said.

I took the bait. I wanted to meet the mysterious woman who could fix a broken heart. I was sure I had one.

My heart turned out to be fine, much to my dismay. The therapist seemed to be more concerned with the state of my low back and pelvis.

“What’s going on here?” She asked, while gently placing her hands on my hips.

“Oh that.” I replied matter-of-factly.

I explained that I had been seeing a chiropractor for several months. The pain in my back had been so severe that I went to see a medical doctor, assuming something life-threatening was happening in my body. They found nothing. My mother suggested chiropractic care. What he found was an old injury, one I had sustained during the birth of my daughter. Forceps had been used to pull her out. The process shifted my hips, and they healed that way. Eight years later the result was severe pain and numbness. At the age of twenty-eight I was using the furniture in my house to pull myself up before attempting to walk. I was feeling hopeless.

“Let’s fix that,” the therapist replied confidently.

A warm rush flooded my lower body. I was in awe. The treatment flew by and I found myself feeling renewed and inspired about my situation.

That single treatment, with a core therapist, eliminated my need for chiropractic care for the next three months. My pain was gone! I knew I needed to learn how to help people in this way.

Fast-forward to the year 2010. I am now a Level IV core practitioner. I have seen stroke victims write again, babies sleep, headaches removed, mysterious pain eliminated, and balance restored to my clients. Each story of progress renews my desire to help. I am still in awe of this work, the simplicity and beauty of it.

Core doesn’t just fix problems, it restores hope and I find myself truly blessed to be a part of that experience. Knowing how to use it is a gift. Seeing peace in the eyes of people I’ve helped, with the use of core, makes it a gift that keeps on giving.