March 4, 2021 webadmin

have had problems with vertigo for several years. It comes and goes as it pleases with no discernible pattern to its appearances. Its first appearance caused a trip to the emergency room with the personnel there thinking I was suffering from a heart attack as the minor outward symptoms were similar: cold sweat, vomiting, and pale visage combined with an inability to stand without throwing up. The scariest thing about the attack was the disjointed vision. A medication was the cause of that occurrence and I had no more problems until I was prescribed another medication with the same ingredient. My reaction to that was not as severe but was bothersome.

The vertigo came back unannounced and I was sent by my personal doctor to the only doctor in our area who practiced the maneuver that relieved positional vertigo. I saw him on three different occasions as vertigo returned twice more. He told me that he had never seen anyone who was affected on both right and left sides or that he had to see on three occasions. Had I not responded, finally, to the treatment on the third visit he planned to send me to a specialist for surgery on my ear. That doctor moved to another town some distance away. When I had the next attacks my physician sent me to a physical therapist who performed a different maneuver that was effective. She made sure that my husband watched what she was doing so that he might be able to help me with another episode. She too has now relocated and there is no one else in the area who treats the problem.

I was told that a core practitioner in town had successfully worked with someone else who had a problem with vertigo and called to make an appointment with her. I explained to her that I had not had a major attack, but had been nauseous and off kilter for the last months and, that although it is not a life threatening disease, it certainly interferes with my quality of life. I know it can be very dangerous if I am on stairs or a ladder or driving when an episode occurs. I love baths but I shower now as I don’t want to have an occurrence in the bathtub.

I have been seeing her for several months and some strange and unusual things have happened with my body, particularly the right side of my face and my right ear: heat that turns my right cheek and ear red, buzzing and crackling (almost electrical) sounds in my right ear, heavy sweating to my head, and pressure in my ear. As I lay on her table my head would slant to the left (the right side is the most vulnerable side) and on my last visit it was almost straight. I am still careful about looking up or down for sustained periods. I am not nauseous all the time. I feel good and can do the things I choose to do. I’m a happy woman.

My core therapist has certainly helped me with my problem. I am hopeful that I will never have to deal with it again.