May 17, 2021 webadmin

“Crataegus (Hawthorn Berries) was introduced into medicine as a heart remedy by Dr. Green of Ennnis, Ireland and has been in use empirically with much success in cases of heart failure. It has usually been given in 5 drop doses of the tincture. Weak and rapid pulse, dyspnea and dropsy, dependent on failure of heart-power whether from valvular affection or from anemia, appear to be the lading indications. Heart-failure threatened from slightest exertion.

Crataegus acts on the muscles of the heart and is an excellent heart tonic, does not produce any cumulative action.

Angina pectoris. Heart disorders, failure, hypertrophy. High blood pressure. Weakness

The mental state is that of irritability, crossness and melancholy. Mental dullness. Despair, feels weak and fragile. Hurried feeling with rapid action of heart. Confused feeling, followed by a feeling of quiet and calmness mentally.

Heart tonic.”

Lotus Materia Medica by Robin Murphy, ND


Tincture may be used daily as a heart tonic. Consider using in conjunction with Banana Flower
medicine and/or White Rose flower medicine from RS Flower Medicines.