Earth Roots and a Healer named Spud

Earth Roots and a Healer named Spud
May 5, 2021 webadmin

In Private Notes For Students of Polarity Therapy Conventions Dr. Stone presents charts that illustrate the twenty five prakritis. Prakriti: Nature, the essential nature of mind and matter, which projects itself in various forms of emotions and actions. According to Hindu philosophy, there are twenty-five prakritis that consist of the five principle manifestations of each of the five elements that make up the human body.(1)

The twenty-five prakritis are the products of the elements interacting within each chakra. For example, the earth charkra is made up of fifty percent earth and twelve point five percent of ether, air, fire and water. The fifty percent of the earth chakra represents the principle quality or structure of the chakra. In the case of the earth chakra this principle structure of earth is the bones. The entire skeletal frame of our physical bodies is under the rule of the earth element. Another way of saying this is the entire skeletal system if a manifestation of the earth element. The fifty percent of earth combines with the twelve point five percent of ether to manifest hair. The fifty percent of earth combines with the twelve point five percent of air to manifest skin. The fifty percent of earth combines with the twelve point of five percent fire to manifest blood vessels. The fifty percent earth combines with the twelve point five percent of water to manifest flesh. This completes the manifestations of the earth chakra. The total number of manifestations is five. All of the five major elemental chakras have the same configuration. The only difference is what element occupies the fifty percent position. SInce each chakra has five manifestations and there are five major chakras five times five equals twenty-five. These twenty-five manifestations are known as the twenty-five prakritis.

All of our elements need nourishment. At the root of all form there exists energy. One of the essential nourishing factors for elemental health is through food. At the root of all food is energy. Different types of food represent different types of energy. Dr. Stone classified foods according to the earth’s magnetic strata. For example, foods grown under the ground and nearest to the surface of the ground have more of earth’s negative magnetic energy in them as well as more mineral contents in their natural form. They are heavier and more earthy in their constituents and in their magnetic electric charges as an organism. All root vegetables, tubers and herb roots belong to this category and include taro, beets, turnips, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and edible herb roots. The latter two have a spice-like quality which makes them more of a stimulant than a food, for they act on the oxidizing end of the digestion. (2)

Lets take a look at one of the miracles of the earth. The potato or the “healer named spud.” The potato has indeed earned the title of healer. What Dr. Stone meant by the statement that root foods have more negative magnetic energy is that the spiral of roots is clockwise. The clockwise spiral of the potato means that it absorbs into itself. Not only does it absorb mineral nutrients from the earth but it also has the ability of pulling morbidity into itself from the physical body. All earth roots have this remarkable ability. This is why the potato is such a good healer for septic wounds. Take a raw organic potato and grate it. Grate the peel also. Take the grated peel/potato and pack on top of any septic wound. Place a piece of cloth over the potato and wrap with a bandage. Leave on over night or all during the day. Put a fresh grated organic potato on each day. Very soon you will see a clean healing would. All of the pus and inflammation having been drawn out via the potato. If the wound is really septic and you would like to see quicker results mix the grated potato with honey before placing on the wound. The raw grated potato pack is also very effective for swollen lymph nodes, cysts, etc. Useful for drawing out anything from the body. I have seen remarkable results treating headaches with potato packs. Place the raw potato over the carotid arteries on both sides of the neck. Wrap a cloth or scarf around the neck to hold the pack in place. Headaches will disappear very quickly. I have yet to see this fail. The whole head along with the sides of the neck may also be packed with grated raw potato as well as the feet to assist fevers. Raw potato packs are also very useful for treating the painful swollen areas of arthritic conditions. A potato peel bath will assist in pulling morbidity out of the body via the potato peel bath water. Peel several potatoes and soak the peels in a large pot for three hours. Strain the water into the bath. Soak for thirty minutes. After the bath rinse with cool/cold water. The strained potato peel water also makes a good enema solution for drawing out morbidity from the large intestine. Here are some more suggestions:

Abdominal pain, gas pressure/pack the abdomen
Sore throat/pack the throat
Cough/pack the chest
Kidney pain/adrenal fatigue/pack the kidneys
Joint pain/pack the joint

Potatoes are also filled with potassium and vitamins A and C. They are extremely nutritional and are a wonderful source of fiber. Potatoes are alkaline. (3)

Eaten daily, potatoes can help prevent constipation, heart disease and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. (3)

Eating a raw potato can help reduce heartburn. (3)

Potato juice helps relieve stomach ulcers and arthritis pain. (3)

The juice of raw potatoes has proved very beneficial in clearing up skin blemishes. This cleansing is due to the high content of potassium, sulphur, phosphorus, and chlorine in the potato. (4)

Raw potato juice has proved to be a healthy cleanser of the system and to be very beneficial, particularly in combination with carrot juice. (4)

The juice of raw potatoes, combined with that of carrot and celery, is a boon to those suffering from gastric, nerve and muscle disturbances, such as gout and sciatica. In such cases, one pint of this combination in addition to one pint of carrot, beet and cucumber juice, daily, has often given complete relief from these discomforts in a surprisingly short time, provided that meat, fowl, fish and eggs were eliminated completely from the diet. (4)

Some emphysema victims have been helped and found relief in using a combination of carrot, parsley and raw potato juices. (4)

Within the ether chakra the fifty percent of ether combines with the twelve point five percent of earth to manifest fear. The effect of fear is often that we feel ungrounded. In addition to treating known fears with mimulus and jasmine consider adding potatoes to the diet to assist in grounding.

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