Human Architecture

Human Architecture
October 3, 2022 webadmin
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Robert Stevens distills his deep understanding and years of experience into a simple yet profound foundation of our  “Human Architecture”.

What are the 5 parts that comprise the whole human being?

What activates the 5 parts? What function do the 5 parts perform?

What do chakras do? What are minor chakras?

What role does the unconsciousness play in health and healing?



Hi, Robert,

Thank you for the course, Human Architecture.

It is always good to learn or review the principles, or philosophy of what makes us human, in terms of the connection with the source. Your teaching is always poetic and philosophical. It is addressed very beautifully and I love it. Also, a sense of humor (your picture) was there, it made me smile. And the good thing about the video course is I could go back as much as I needed to!

This course helped me to review the importance of working from inside out. I could know that I tend to be caught more to address the physical manifestations than to work with the unconsciousness of core currents, which is unconsciousness itself.

In my practice, I thought I spent adequate time at the bregma to work on the vertical core, core womb and mother template, both at the beginning and the end of the session. But sometimes things do not get quiet enough for the body to show the inside of the core shadow space. It may need more work with deeper focus…

I really liked the illustration on the 2nd page, which described the layers of the bodies. When I put each elemental etheric body into that illustration, long currents (Ether from center, earth to the lateral/peripheral ) make more sense. Also, this illustration is very helpful to review core level 7 when we worked on each etheric body’s core womb.

I would like to recommend this course to other practitioners.
Looking forward to taking “How Nature Heals” , possibly this Wednesday.
Thanks again.