Confessions of a Urine Drinker

Confessions of a Urine Drinker
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Sky, Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the five basic elements. This world and the human body are made of the same elements. God or Nature has given well proportioned body to every human being, and in every healthy body, the five elements are present in due proportion. The disturbance in proportion is caused by folly of the man, and to regain health, the balance should be restored.

The power to restore this, is contained in one’s own urine. As earth depends on sea, so the body depends on its urine for its proper functions. Just as water has the power to contain all the elements, so the urine has power to contain all the elements of the body. This is the power or capacity to restore the lost health of the body.

– Raojibhai M. Patel

I first learned about urine therapy from my Polarity teacher Pierre Pannetier. Pierre learned of this practice from his father. His father was a surgeon and naturopathic doctor. Pierre’s father told his son that if he ever found himself in a situation where there was absolutely nothing to drink he should start drinking his own urine to survive. Pierre found himself in this very situation during World War 2. Pierre and a small group of men got separated from their company and had nothing to drink. Pierre remembered what his father told him and shared this knowledge with the other soldiers. They all agreed as a matter of survival they should start drinking their urine. Each drank all of the urine voided in any given day. Not only did they all survive they thrived. I had great respect for Pierre, not only as a loving teacher but as a fine human being. I had never heard of this practice before but coming from Pierre I could trust the source implicitly.

Several years went by but I never found myself in a survival situation without liquid so I never thought of drinking urine. I had no education at that time that urine had other health benefits. I was watching 60 minutes one evening and there was an interview by of the ex-prime minister of India Morarji Desai. During the interview Mr. Desai literally out of the blue said that he drank his urine every day and healed his brother of tuberculosis by having him drink his urine everyday. Mr. Desai was elderly at the time and appeared very healthy and full of vitality. I was impressed.

On the television program “60 Minutes” aired on June 4, 1978, the former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, was interviewed by Dan Rather, Mike Wallace and Morley Safer.

Excerpts include:

Rather: Tell us how are you able to run the government of India, working 12 hours a day or more, horseback riding in the countryside, talking vigorously in public at the age of 82 years young. Tell us your secret.

Desai: My diet consists of fruit and vegetable juices, fresh and natural milk, plain yogurt, honey, fresh fruits, raw nuts, five cloves of garlic every day, and I drink five to eight ounces of urine every morning on an empty stomach.

Rather: Yack! You drink your urine? That is the most repulsive thing I have ever heard.

Desai: Don’t be alarmed, it is a very natural treatment. If you observe the animals, you will see that they drink their urine to stay fit. Observe them. In my country mothers used to give babies their own urine when they were suffering from stomach ache. And In the Hindu philosophy, in the Hindu customs, cow’s urine has been considered holy, and it is prescribed in every ceremony. People must drink it. So they drink their urine. That is not considered in any way wrong.

Rather: I guess you don’t consider this a strange practice?

Desai: No. It is not a strange practice. In America scientists are preparing extracts from urine for heart trouble. You probably don’t know that.

Rather: No, I didn’t know that.

Desai: They are doing it. So your people are drinking other people’s urine but not their own. And it costs dollars, thousands of dollars, while their’s is free and more effective. Many medicines are worse in color, worse in taste, worse in smell, still people take them. I think it is much worse to take them. You should taste it to find out.

Rather: I guess so … I could.

Desai: If you drink all your urine (urine fast), in just a few days the body becomes purified. By the third day your urine is without any color or any smell or any taste and it will be pure almost like water. You will feel very good because your system is improved and cleansed considerably. Drinking urine fights the cause of all diseases and it cost you nothing.

Rather: Respectfully Mr. Prime Minister, I am not ready to try that.

Desai, a longtime practitioner of ‘urine therapy’, spoke in 1978 to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes about the benefits of drinking urine. The prime minister stated that urine therapy was the perfect medical solution for the millions of Indians who cannot afford medical treatment.[31][32][33] He also attributed his longevity to drinking urine – which he called “the water of life”.

Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai, widely known both for his statesmanship and his curious health regime, died Monday. He was 99.

Along with his political accomplishments, he was noted for the personal habits to which he attributed his longevity: he became celibate at age 32 after the birth of his fourth child, and he kept a diet of fruit, milk and his own urine.

I found out that the first text on urine therapy published in English was titled The Water of Life by John Armstrong. I found this book and read it. The case histories of chronic diseases cured by drinking one’s own urine were amazing to me. Being a vegetarian Armstrong’s dietary suggestions were of no interest but the urine cures sure were. I also realized at this time that searching out and reading more books about urine therapy were not going to be enough to understand this practice, this medicine. I would have to get into it by drinking my own urine. So, a few days later I found myself peeing in a cup and drinking it.

My first foray into internal consumption of urine lasted about two weeks. In that time I noticed an increase in energy levels, improved digestion, improved bowel elimination, improved kidney function and an increase in mental clarity. I drank about 4-8 ounces of urine each morning.

Since then I have experimented with drinking just the morning urine to drinking several cups per day to drinking every drop of urine voided in a single day. At times I would consume urine daily for long periods of time. Periodically I would take a break and then begin again. The main reason I would stop the ingestion of urine was because I was researching some other medicine or doing a flower proving and did not want anything to interfere with my understanding of whatever I was researching at the time. Presently, I drink the morning urine each day. If I am feeling tired or a bit spaced out I will consume another glass or two through the day as a pick me up. Some days if I feel particularly motivated I will drink all the urine being voided for that day.

I have had the opportunity to treat a number of conditions using urine internally and externally through the years. Here are some of the conditions that I have treated.

Ear pain: fresh urine, a few drops into the ear
Sinus infections: Green/yellow mucous, sniff fresh urine into each nostril several times per day.
Sore throat (including strep throat): Gargle with fresh urine several times each day, drink urine if the person is so inclined
Wounds/cuts/abrasions: Apply urine topically, repeat often, a bandage may be soaked in urine and applied topically
Skin eruptions (pimples, eczema, psoriasis, boils, etc.) Same application as for wounds/cuts/abrasions. This also is effective for dry skin.
Coral cuts, jellyfish stings, sea urchin punctures: Works wonders. Apply as above. Coral cuts that are notorious for becoming infected will heal up rapidly with no sign of infection.
Eyes: Wash the eyes with fresh urine: Need an eye cup. Red eyes, strained eyes, headache in eyes, styes, mucous, improve vision.
Colds/Flu: Drink, gargle, sniff, massage into tissues, whatever is needed
Constipation: Drink
Fatigue, mental/emotional/physical: Drink
Liver congestion/pain: Drink
Urinary problems/including UTI: Drink
Blood impurities: Drink
Preventive measure while traveling: Drink
Pain: massage into tissues
Aid mental functions: Drink

Many in the field of natural healing will tell you how difficult it is to treat dysentery. Some will even say that it is not possible to treat dysentery successfully with natural means. They will say that this condition must be treated with allopathic medicines.

I had my first experience with dysentery while traveling in India. I lost 12 pounds in 3 days. Was weak, had no appetite, no thirst and was lethargic/weak. I managed to make a flight back to the states and was in bed in my friends house in Seattle. I always carry a first aid kit and had tried all the herbal and homeopathic medicines that were in the kit. Nothing worked. Not even close. I was making no progress toward recovery. While lying in bed a small voice came on in my mind and said a single word, urine. I had not been drinking my urine on this trip and thought of course. Remember that dysentery creates a condition of de-hydration so I was not urinating very much. When I did urinate the quantity was small and dark in color. When I felt the next urge to urinate I got a cup to collect the small amount. Maybe 2 ounces at the most. I drank it down. Felt an immediate slight improvement and went back to bed. The next time the same thing perhaps a bit more quantity of urine. Drank it down and went to bed. The next time same thing perhaps a bit more quantity. I no longer felt like being in bed. Actually felt much more vitality and actually had an appetite. Went downstairs and had something to eat. Shortly after eating had a bowel movement. A formed stool normal bowel movement. No reoccurrence of dysentery. Cured by about 6-8 ounces of fresh urine!

This experience opened my eyes to the amazing qualities of urine as an internal medicine. The next time I had dysentery I immediately started drinking urine and was cured within an hour. I traveled in India often for about 20 years. During this time I had the opportunity to treat numerous cases of dysentery. Some of duration and some just beginning. I have never seen a case of dysentery not cured by the internal use of urine. Not one! Some of the cases that were caught earlier on were literally cured within a few minutes. I also discovered that the best preventive measure against dysentery is to drink urine every day when traveling in a country where this condition is prevalent. After my second dance with dysentery I never travelled to India without staying on a least daily morning urine and often all the urine being voided that day. When doing this I never contracted dysentery again. If you are not a urine drinker but are traveling to a country that dysentery is a potential problem perhaps you would consider this. Two weeks before going on your trip drink 4-6 ounces of morning urine. While in the country of your destination continue. When returning to your home country stay on this routine for two weeks. This should work well as a deterrent to dysentery.

This is my urine library. Some of the titles alone will be educating.

The Golden Fountain The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy
Coen van der Kroon
Translated by Merilee Dranow
Forward by Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati
ISBN 0-944256-73-2

Your Own Perfect Medicine
Martha M. Christy
The Incredible Proven Natural Cure Miracle Cure That Medical Science Has Never Revealed!
ISBN 0-9632091-1-6

The Water of Life
A Treatise on Urine Therapy
J.W. Armstrong
ISBN 0 85032 052 6

Shivambu Kalpa
The Ancient Healing Way of the Self….By the Self….With Medicine of the Self
Arthur Lincoln Pauls D.O.

Miracle of Urine Therapy
A Practical Guide to Auto-Urine Therapy for Every Man, Woman and Child
Dr. C.P. Mithal

I have always believed that the truth can only be arrived at by an open mind. One must be free from dogmas whether ancient or modernism religious or scientific. Facts should take precedence over theories and not vice versa. I have always endeavored to keep this spirit alive in my life and work. Author

I have tried the remedy on myself and on my advice some others have tried it on themselves. I have seen cases of diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis cured by it. For diseases of eyes, ears, teeth and skin, it is a most effective remedy. Morarji Desai

Wonders of Uropathy
Urine Therapy as a Universal Cure
To Save Your Life Drink Shivambu and Remain Healthy
Dr. G.K. Thakkar

It may save your life!
Dr. Beatrice Bartnett

Manav Motora
Human Urine an Elixir of Life
A Treatise on Urine Therapy for Universal Health
Raojibhai Manibhai Patel
Donated to the Dera library by Dr. R. Stone
Notes taken in Dera library by Robert Stevens

Column by Celia Farber
Spin Magazine
September 1988

Did you say urine therapy?
Before You Laugh It Off Read the Following Article
Beatrice Bartnett
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I understand that this is a difficult subject for many. We have been taught that urine is a waste product. How can anyone make such claims of healing from a waste product? This practice is obviously not suited for everyone. If drinking urine is a disgusting idea to you perhaps you should bypass this one. But, if you have a curious nature about such things maybe pick up and study some of the above titles. Perhaps, you will some day find yourself peeing in a cup and drinking a glass of urine (Manav Mootra: Human Urine an Elixir of Life) .I know I did and never regretted it. I was and am so glad I had to find our for myself. As John Armstrong said: “Urine is not a specific for any given disease, it is a specific for health.” Each morning if I am indeed lucky I will raise a glass of urine to your health.

Robert Stevens 1-12-2022 Northern NM