Learning Core Synchronism

Learning Core Synchronism
September 10, 2016 webadmin

BillJack selfie
My name is BillyJack Davidson, I am twelve years old.

I’ve just finished the Core Synchronism Level 1 class. I throughly enjoyed the class. Core Synchronism is amazing to give and to receive. Robert Stevens, ( The main teacher and the creator of Core) is a truly amazing man. I would even classify him as a genius. Learning Core was very easy for me. My mom has completed all seven levels of core, so I have had a lot of exposure to Core. I truly enjoyed my whole experience! My Classmates were really friendly, nice and communicative. The helpers, (including my mom) were always a help to everyone and did an amazing job! It takes a lot of thought processing to do Core correctly. Your hands, intent and your confidence in yourself are very important factors when learning Core Synchronism. Core Synchronism is hand medicine as Robert would say. The Core Lymph treatment is really cool. The Lymph system is very important. I highly recommend receiving Core Synchronism and if you have the chance taking the class, do it! It is one of the greatest classes I have ever taken, Thank You Robert :)!!