Graduate Map

Amber Hall 317 Colorado La Juanta, CO 81050 719-469-6749
Amy Guy 1311 Whiteford Rd, Street, MD, USA Heaven and Earth Bodywork 410-836-3373
Anando Landt Hamburg, Germany
Andrea Ipsaro Honolulu, Hawaii
Angela Ponaski 3151 Baker Rd, Dexter, MI 48130 Center for Well Being
Angela Vandergrift 109 Lake of the Forest, Bonner Springs, KS 62012 816-301-0903
Ann Marie Roth Brandon, VT, USA
Ann Wilson 627 Vesta Dr. Toronto, Ontario Canada M5N1J2 647-262-1444
Anna Lands CCSP, NTS 6520 North Cascabel Road, Benson, AZ 85602, USA Tel: 520-212-9853 Email: healing@rnsmte
Anna-Lena Kjellberg Bjursas, Sweden
Anne Pircer - LMT#2768, CCSP 203 Williford St. Memphis, TN 38112 Graduate NMSNT January 2001 Tel: 901-219-6952
Anne Wilson 627 Vesta Dr, Old Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5N 1J2, Canada
Annika Kjellberg Colle dei Pini, Italy
Antonia Martinez Rubira Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Directions Tel: 1 809 682-0404 ext 4303 Email: Website:
Antonio Armas Cuba Graduate NMSNT January 2000
Archer Rae Bryan 497 Walnut St. Napa, CA 94559 Graduate NMSNT January 1984 Tel: 707-337-5802 Email: Website:
Arlean Tessler Aiken, SC
Art Kent 10875 Grandview Bldg.22-Suite 22, Overland Park, KS 66210 Graduate NMSNT January 1991 Tel: 913-345-0060 Satsun Center of Integrative Health
Barbara Kaputa Stratford, CT, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1994
Barry Burke 720 Main St. Ordway, CO 81063 Graduate NMSNT July 1990 Tel: 719-267-4027 Email:
Beatriz Torres Harare, Zimbabwe
Brenda Collis Levin, New Zealand
Britney Rushing Marble Falls, TX
Britnney Thomas P.O Box 1176, Skagway, Alaska Graduate NMSNT March 2010 Tel: 907-612-0428
Carl Duggan - LMT 419 4th St., Clovis, CA 93612 Tel: 559-300-0806 Email: Website: Optima Massage and Wellness
Carol Borsello - LMT #7095 Truth or Consequences, NM, USA Tel: 615-476-4977 The Charles Motel & Spa
Cassie Travaini - LMT#75,CCH,RSHom 4448 Corrales Rd. Corrales, NM Tel: 505-890-3199 Email:
Catherine Wishart Levin, New Zealand
Celeste Ryfa Central Falls, RI
Chani Keunl Oceanside, CA Graduate NMSNT August 2005
Christa Twellman Libellenweg 3, CH-3510 Konolfingen, Switzerland Graduate NMSNT July 1990 Tel: +41-31-376.11.66 Email: Website:
Christina Joy - LMT#4505 Albuquerque, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT April 2003 Tel: 505-610-8736 Planet Noodle Therapeutics
Clay Mosby 230 E. College Dr, Durango, CO 81301 Graduate NMSNT 2014 Tel: 970-247-3939 Amaya Natural Therapeutics
Connie O'Donovan Yorkshire, England Graduate NMSNT January 1989
David Newman 371 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA Graduate NMSNT August 2009 Tel: 434-466-8527 Email: Website:
Dayvin Turchiano Maui, HI, USA Graduate NMSNT January 1999
Dean Heyne Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Graduate NMSNT January 1989 Tel: 345-324-1481
Debbie Corn Henderson, NV Graduate NMSNT January 1998
Debbie Packard Jemez Springs, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1996
Diane Scully Albuquerque, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT January 2004
Don Cornwell - Ph.D, DOM, LMT # 0668 Albuquerque, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT 1979
Don Kimball Biddeford, ME, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1997
Dubravko Harapin Zagreb, Croatia Graduate NMSNT January 2003
Elaine Haslett Cranbrook, Australia
Elena Louise Snyder Kapaa, HI Graduate NMSNT January 1983
Elizabeth Lakin - CCHH, CCSP, NTS 103 Morris St. Suite C, Sebastapol, CA Graduate NMSNT 1998 Tel: 707-583-2370 Website: Nuturing Vitality
Emily Conway - LMT #4573, NTS 1930 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 Graduate NMSNT March 2011 Tel: 505-410-9971 Bikram Yoga Studio
Enai Brutus - NTS, LMT #5258, RMTI, CCSP 202 Morningside Drive Southeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT August 2005 Tel: 505-268-6870 Email:
Erica Roybal - NTS 520 - A Central Ave SE. Albuquerque, NM 87102 Graduate NMSNT May 2009 Tel: 505-363-5445
Erin Flynn Boulder, CO, USA Graduate NMSNT August 2009
Erin Lemke Albuquerque, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT April 2005
Eva Lipton-Ormond - LMT#5866 4713 Robin Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 Graduate NMSNT October 2007 Tel: 505-266-6558 Email: Website:
Ezra Nielsen Zuni Pueblo, NM, USA Graduate NMSNT July 2000
Florence Mejan Gard, France Graduate NMSNT January 1989
Frances Block Hanford, CA, USA Graduate NMSNT January 1988
Frank Lowen Spokane, WA, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1983
Gabriela Ortiz D.F., Mexico Graduate NMSNT July 1985
Geoff Barratt Vancouver, BC, Canada Graduate NMSNT July 1993
Georgina Lipiat Alberta, Canada Graduate NMSNT July 2001
Gilberto Camacho D.F., Mexico Graduate NMSNT January 1984
Grace Taylor Jensen Beach, FL, USA Graduate NMSNT July 2001
Hari Khalsa - CMT (N.T.S) 4408 Market St. Oakland, CA Graduate NMSNT July 2001 Tel: 505-331-0390Bay Leaf Bodywork Specializing in Thai Fusion Massage (Thai, Myofascial, Reflexology) Therapeutic Table Fusion (Deep Tissue/Polarity/ Reflexology/Thai) Prenatal & Postpartum
Heather Evans Edmonton, AB, Canada Graduate NMSNT July 1996
Helen Wells - LMT #2677 232 Silver Bluff Rd., Aiken, SC 29803 Graduate NMSNT January 2000 Tel: 803-644-4983
Hildegard Gasser Lienz, Austria Graduate NMSNT July 1995
Joe Adams - NTS, LMT #5332 230 Adams St Suite B, Albuquerque, NM Graduate NMSNT August 2005 Tel: 505-250-5506
Joshua Gillis Treviolo, Province of Bergamo, Italy Graduate NMSNT July 1989
Joshua Ralten Penobscot, ME, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1995
Julie (Jordan) Kongs - CCSP & Radionics 303 Vera, Mount Vernon, WA 98274 Graduate NMSNT July 1980 Tel: 360-630-6742 Email: Vera Wellness Center
K. Douglas Lair Fendalton, Christchurch, New Zealand Graduate NMSNT January 1991
Kanae Inoue 3-6-29 Shibasaki-Cho Tachikawa, Tokyo, 190-0023 Japan Graduate NMSNT April 2010 Tel: +81-80-4090-0329
Karyn Forman - L.Ac., LMT 755 North Ave., Chicago, IL 60647 Graduate NMSNT 1997 Tel: 313-203-2667 Email: Elemental Health
Kate Barnidge Austin, TX, USA Graduate NMSNT October 2009
Lillian Javier-Rodriguez Bayamón, Puerto Rico Graduate NMSNT July 1983
Manuela Maeda Bern, Switzerland Graduate NMSNT January 1992
Marcella Dirks Netherlands Graduate NMSNT January 1997
Margaret Jorgensen Reykjavík, Iceland Graduate NMSNT January 1989
Maria Asturius Panajachel, Guatemala Graduate NMSNT July 1982
Maria DeAbajo Asturias, Spain Graduate NMSNT July 1989
Marian Zaugg Zürich, Switzerland Graduate NMSNT January 1984
Matt Lannis Makawao, HI, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1996
Matthew Horvat - NTS, LMT Wilson, WY USA 719-447-7837
Maureen McDonald Fife, Scotland, UK Graduate NMSNT July 1984
Maurizio Piva Maderno, Province of Trento, Italy Graduate NMSNT January 1987
Meredith Marciano Maybrook, NY, USA Graduate NMSNT August 2009
Miriam Preuss Berlin, Germany Graduate NMSNT July 1993
Myriam Serex Mézières, Switzerland Graduate NMSNT August 2005
Natalie Cox Anchorage, AK, USA Graduate NMSNT August 2010
New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics 202 Morningside Drive Southeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA Student and Graduate therapeutic massage clinic. We offer discount Swedish massage, Sport massage, Deep Tissue massage, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, Accupressure, Cranial Sacral treatments. Call 505-268-2181 to schedule and appointment.
Pat Hessian Thiells, NY, USA Graduate NMSNT July 1981
Pia Fischer-Sclvep Zürich, Switzerland Graduate NMSNT January 1989
Pilar Lomba-Alvarez Valencia, Spain Graduate NMSNT January 2003
Pilar Ortiz Chile Graduate NMSNT February 2001
Rebeka Rose 215 8th Street Southwest, Albuquerque, NM, USA Calle Ocho Therapies by appointment only 505-514-3532 Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, Core Synchronism, Well Women Care, MIdwifery
Richard Ferguson - NTS, RCST Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada Graduate NMSNT July '01 Tel: 250-713-6130
Robert E. Baker Yarrow, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada Graduate NMSNT January 1990
Robert Stevens - ND, NTS, CCSP 615 Solano Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA Graduate NMSNT April 1976 Greetings. My name is Robert Stevens. I am the Director of NMSNT. In addition to teaching at NMSNT since 1976 I have been in private practice since 1974. Currently I practice a system of hand medicine that I developed called Core Synchronism. Core treatments are very relaxing and especially helpful in treating all types of pain. I also offer subtle body analysis (radionics) for uncovering those deeply hidden secrets we all seem to carry around. Healing takes place within an environment of relaxation and trust. Trust in Nature and trust in our inner consciousness of balance. Above is a photo of me taking the rest cure. Rest is a powerful medicine that is rarely being prescribed in our modern insanely paced world. Take the medicine of rest everyday and experience the healthy improvements first hand. My private practice is often booked up but occasionally there are appointments available. I am also teaching all levels of Core in Albuquerque at NMSNT and other locations around the country. The Core classes are open to everyone. The best way to contact me for teaching Core classes or treatment availability is Peace to you all!