Brain Synch

Brain Synch
April 24, 2023 webadmin
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This class consists of:

1) Brain Journey 1: short video going through the anatomy of the brain

2) Brain Journey 2: short video going through the anatomy of the brain

After reviewing brain journey 1, I decided to record it again. After recording brain journey 2, I decided that there was value in both. Since they are short videos I have included both.

3) The Brain Synch video presents two methods of synchronizing the brain.



In this course, Dr. Stevens describes how each portion of the brain moves with the flow of the core current, as well as the relationships between each part of the brain and how they synchronize as a whole. This course really helped me to understand the importance of the relationship of the fornix, corpus callosum and falx and their relationship to the long current. I really liked the description of the falx and tentorium and its motion, relationship with lambda and ethmoid bone. Those descriptions have helped me a lot when I work with clients who have chronic brain conditions . Also, the guide on how the different hand holds, different intentions, different observations can reveal the different kinds of dis-synchronistic relationship was refreshing. I really enjoyed the guide for a hand hold that thumbs were put on Bregma. It is amazing how we could resonate with each other with the intention. Dr. Steven’s guide is always meditative and helps us to go to a deep meditative state and work with the organism at the subtle yet drastic level. Thank you.