March 4, 2021 webadmin

I was privileged to participate in a wonderful case. Two of the people I trained in core are a father daughter team that live about 350 miles from me. The daughter had a normal pregnancy with no complications and felt wonderful the whole time. When she went into labor, the baby showed signs of distress with a heart rate of 40. They decided on an emergency c- section. There was dark muconium which indicated the baby had been in distress for over 24 hours. The little girl had no heart beat and was resuscitated. The medical team estimated her time with no oxygen to be 7 to 9 minutes. She was on the ventilator and very sick. The doctors gave her very little chance of survival and if she did she would have severe cerebral palsy and deafness.

As soon as he could, the grandfather started to do Core work on her. He said the brain was chaos and he had to repeat the sequence each time he held her. He had not learned the new discoveries of the movements of the fornix or corpus collosum. He also has a sister who is a nun and she was at a religious retreat with 700 other nuns and they were praying for her. After one week, the doctor was leaving for vacation, and told the mother she needed to prepare herself for shutting off the machines and letting her go. He returned the third week to a baby off the ventilator and eating. He told the mother that whatever she and the grandfather were doing they should continue because the medical team was not responsible for her improvements and she should not have survived.

She did develop a seizure disorder at that time. They put her on medication for the seizures and were still convinced she was deaf. The grandfather called me and asked if I could see her before her next EEG to get her off medication. She had no movement in the corpus collosum and her fornix was almost pleated in a still position posteriorly. It took a very long time for it to move. There were other corrections that needed to be made also but none as extreme as those. Then I looked at the ears. Her left temporal was below the spheno-basilar junction and the right was above the junction. The inner ear in both were still also. As I got these to move, she started to rub at her ears and push me away.

I received a call the day after the EEG. They could find no evidence of seizure activity even with strobe light stimulation. She has no muscle spasticity indicating CP, and she is startling and looking towards loud noises. They are weaning her off her medications. I love my job!