March 4, 2021 webadmin

Thought I would share with you something a client and I are working on. She has Lyme disease and she can’t afford the expensive alternative protocols that are out there. If you are interested in those protocols, go to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s web site. He is one of the leading alternative practitioners dealing with Lyme disease right now.

She did research and came up with one of Dr. Klinghardts protocols which consists of three products that are supposed to be taken together. She wrote down the names of the products and brought them to her treatment. I used the pendulum and asked how many times I should give the command with those three products and came up with the number 8. At the time that seemed like a lot of times to give the command, but by the end of the treatment it made perfect sense.

I started with a Core VI tx, doing the brain and checking all the cores. Then we started with the protocol commands. The first time I gave the command, her brain knocked around like something had really hit it hard, but with each subsequent repetition of the command, I felt her brain and whole body softening, accepting, and really loving the protocol. I waited several minutes between each command until her body got very quiet before giving the command again.

We did a second tx with those specific commands a week later. That time I only did the command 5 times.

She called me today (nearly a week after that last treatment) and she is really excited about how good she is feeling. She says working with the command protocol like that feels like super healing without all the yukky fatigue, nausea, die-off, etc. she has gone thru before.

Go Core!