Sunny Bueck

Sunny Bueck

Instructor of Bach Flower Remedies, Polarity Therapy, & Whiplash Treatment

Sunny Bueck was first introduced to bodywork in 2002 when she began a 10-month Polarity Therapy program with Dr. Damon Fazio ND, RPP. After learning that much of Polarity has its roots in Ayurveda, she went on to receive certification in Ayurvedic Foundations, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Holistic Nutrition at the Dhyana Center for Health Sciences in Sebastopol, CA.

Upon returning to Albuquerque, she attended New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics because of its strong Polarity program. It was here that her knowledge and understanding of all natural medicine deepened. After graduation, she opened a thriving private practice and worked in a collaborative style Acupuncture clinic. This opportunity, and continued training in Chinese Medicine from a Taoist perspective, allowed her to develop a real working knowledge of this medicine and its spiritual approach.

Additionally, Sunny completed a 2 year graduate program in Homeopathy, intensified her studies of Flower Essences, became a Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner and also trained in Live Blood Morphology. Her focus is on understanding how our mental and emotional energies step down to form and maintain our physical body.

The curriculum is being moved to an online program, stay tuned.