Rebeka Rose

Rebeka Rose

Instructor of Pregnancy Massage and Core for Pregnancy

I attended the 6-month program at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and graduated in January 2001. In 2002, I trained in Classical Homeopathy. My bodywork practice focuses primarily on woman and children. I am also a Home-birth Midwife here in Albuquerque. I approach bodywork as a way to help empower people to take responsibility for their own health. My intention is to assist in improving one’s well being, provide access to their options, to serve with the best of my skills and knowledge, to promote “natural healing”, and to share information freely to those that inquire. Every person’s process is unique.

I teach Morning and Day programs: Living Foods, Bach Flower Essence, Pregnancy/Infant massage and Core Synchronism for Pregnancy. I enjoy teaching these classes, as they are things I am passionate about in my own life, as well as in the classroom. I love to share information about wonderful ways to prepare and enjoy tasty vegan food. Its NOT just salad and YES, you can get enough protein!

As an Instructor, I share information I have learned from others and from my own experience. At the same time, every student teaches me something new. I am honored to be part of the staff at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. The curriculum is not only beneficial to the attending students, it also spreads to friends, family, and clients, as these students begin to build their individual practices.

I feel NMSNT is a great place to learn. The teachings of the school emphasize the importance in creating a healthy balance in our own lives, as well as how to use Natural Therapeutics to help others access their own place of well being. There is great variety with the modalities offered in the program, you can create whichever path you would like from here.

The school is permanently closed and the curriculum is being moved to an online program, stay tuned.