Nature Cure

Nature Cure utilizes the 4 elements of nature to preserve health or assist nature in regaining health. This class is a demonstration of simple nature cure techniques. Cold sheet packs, hot bucket baths, potato packs, clay packs, apple cider vinegar nasal packs, cupping and more.

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

Flower Remedies

The difference between flower remedies and herbal remedies is that flower remedies have had the physical chemistry of each flower diluted out. What’s left is the mental/emotion make up of the flower. Each flower has it’s own mental emotional profile which helps us through our mental and emotional issues that match the profile of the flower being used. We may be aware that we have buried thoughts and feelings in order to go on with our everyday life, and in some cases even continue to survive, but we are probably not aware of the mechanics that it took physiologically to suppress those traumas. These remedies are considered true Healers in that they have the potency to access stored traumas in ways that we as humans cannot do intellectually. Very often low back pain, or pain in general, is the result of the physical structure being saturated and weakened by the suppression of our mental and emotional history. Massage and bodywork coupled with flower remedies are a great way to get at pain from both ends.

Herbal Medicine

Dear Prospective Students,
I look forward to sharing with you the world of Medicinal Plants. I’ve been learning about the incredible healing power of Plants since I was a little girl. My father and mother came from little ranching communities in northern NM mountains, where using plants was just common knowledge when it came to home remedies. I have vivid memories of my father making poultices for healing wounds. I also remember tagging along with him to gather edibles. I share that wonderful knowledge with you on our all day hike in our beautiful Sandia Mountains where you will began to recognize the abundance of medicinal plants all around us. We will also spend time in the school garden and my home garden learning to access the plants that easily grow close to home. I use plants in all forms from homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils, tinctures and teas. We will have a medicine making class that will amaze you how easy it is to make your own remedies. I was for years, the in- house herbalist for a couple of local herb stores here in NM. Some of my formulas, 10 years later are still sold in their stores. I will explain when best to use each of the formulas. We will talk about when Plants are contraindicated and how they can be misused. We will talk about the different systems of the body and which herbs to apply when imbalances are upsetting the body. I will share with you how to confidently pick out the best Plants to aide you, your family, and community toward better health and nutrition. We will also have a class where some pretty special plant people that I admire will share with you their unique relationship with Plants. Including, my partner, Ashéninka Mino, who is an indigenous healer from the central jungle of Peru. He has been my teacher since 2006, and I am proud to share the loving care he has taught me with the Plant kingdom. Most importantly, I will guide you to open your own senses, with regular homework assignments, lots of hands-on experiences, taste testing and the mystery tea!! So that this introduction to herbs will become an empowering foundation for future studies. Thank you, for taking the time to consider our lovely program.


Homeopathy is a dynamic system of healthcare that takes many years of study for a practitioner to become a proficient listener and observer. One must become effective enough to determine from thousands of remedies, the right remedy for the symptoms being presented in their client… and any symptom changes that happen along the way toward balance. Along the lines of flower remedies, homeopathic remedies have had the physical chemistry of the substance diluted out. Since there is no physical chemistry in these remedies from the plant, mineral, or animal kingdom, there is no chance for side effects and no chance for suppression of the symptom’s expression by paralysis. Homeopathic remedies are much more specific in their symptom profile than flower remedies. There can be one hundred people who are presenting the same pathological ailment, but the experience of it will not be the same for all of them. Some of the affected may feel better with warmth while others feel better with cold. Some of the people may have increased thirst while others don’t. Symptoms may be alleviated by being in fresh air for some while others prefer to be indoors. All of these differences in people’s experience of the same ailment would require a different remedy to help bring someone toward health and wellness. A skilled homeopathic practitioner, during the interview, will be listening to words that are used to describe what the client’s experience of the ailment is. They will also be watching hand gestures and body postures to help them narrow down and pinpoint the right remedy.

At The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, homeopathic theory is introduced which includes the history of homepathic medicine, and indications for around 32 different remedies. Because homeopathic constitutional case taking requires so much practice to become proficient, our emphasis is on first aid and acute applications. Things like muscle soreness, sprains, strains, bruising, broken bones, skin rashes, tendonitis, common cold, seasonal allergies, food allergies can be successfully treated using these gentle and potent Healer remedies. The success of treatment using Homeopathic remedies during acute episodes often times gives students the juice they need to pursue instruction that goes deeper into mental and emotional constitutional applications.

Living Foods

Another portion of our program which sets us apart from the other massage schools is our Living Foods classes. We promote a raw food, vegan, lacto-vegetarian plant based diet rich with organic whole-food nutrition. The “western diet” has been linked to so many of our modern diseases including, obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure, chronic fatigue, and some forms of cancer to name a few. For optimal health, it is suggested that a diet based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

We understand that food is the cornerstone of many family traditions and that eating habits go back many generations in some cases. Our aim is to move in a direction where the conditions of where our food comes from is thought about. What is the condition of the soil where our food is grown? How clean is the water supply? What are the risks associated with consuming food additives and pesticides over long periods of time? Is what we’re eating even considered “food” by definition?

Shelly Bredeson gets creative and shows that a plant based diet goes far beyond just eating salads all day… just about all of the foods we love can be made using plant based recipes. She also discusses the importance of enzymes, chlorophyll, and fermentation to aid digestive processes. She offers a unique perspective taken from her personal lifestyle with living foods as well as seeing the benefits to her clients who have integrated a living foods diet . Students learn simple procedures for making rejuvelac, nut and seed milks, and for growing high quality wheat grass, sprouts, and greens. These Living Foods nutrition classes are both practical hands-on demonstrations and marvelous taste events.

Nature Cure

Nature Cure utilizes the 4 elements of nature to preserve health or assist nature in regaining health. This class is a demonstration of simple nature cure techniques. Cold sheet packs, hot bucket baths, potato packs, clay packs, apple cider vinegar nasal packs, cupping and more.

Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics

Description: How does natural healing actually work? Are there natural laws that govern the healing process? What is a healing crisis? Is a healing crisis actually a crisis? What does acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative refer to in relationship to health and natural healing? Do germs cause disease? What role do microorganisms play in health and healing? What do all systems of natural healing have in common? What exactly is health? The lectures at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics on the Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics address the above questions and others as well.