The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics’ curriculum has been carefully and continuously crafted since the school’s inception in 1974. This allows us to provide a comprehensive, broad-based approach to learning the art and science of Natural Therapeutics. Our teaching staff‘s dedication to clinical practice ensures that our curriculum, which is principally focused on two systems of bodywork Therapeutic Massage and Polarity Therapy, stays “alive” through their experiences.

Also included are Anatomy & Physiology, Chinese Medicine & Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Flower Remedies (Bach, Stevens), Joint Mobilization Techniques and much more.

Some of the unique introductory courses we offer are Homeopathic First Aid, Core Synchronism, Principles of Colon Therapy, Living Foods Nutrition, Essential Oils and Radionics.

Our approach in teaching such a variety of modalities is to clarify the underlying principles that unify them. This enables our students to seamlessly blend different therapies together in order to create maximum therapeutic effect with their clients. Students develop the skill and talent to use these tools through many hours of hands-on, classroom practice under close instructor supervision and through practicing these techniques on the public in our Student Clinic.

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