David Tinkle founded the New Mexico School of Therapeutic Massage in 1974. The only classes that were offered at that time were anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, and stretches. These classes were taught in a converted garage in the home of Mr. Tinkle. Shortly after, Mr. Tinkle sold the school to two of his instructors, Charlie Brown and Robert Stevens. Charlie and Robert made many trips around the country adding more bodywork and natural therapy modalities to their knowledge base. They were able to expand their school’s curriculum to offer more than any other massage therapy school. Needless to say, Mr. Tinkle’s garage was no longer fit for the rising number of students. In 1978 the school had it’s name changed to The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics to reflect a clearer picture of what the school now offered. Don Cornwell attended NMSNT and began teaching after graduating the program in 1979. Don’s focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial-Sacral, and Polarity Therapy has been an enormous addition to the expanded curriculum. In 1980, The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics applied for and was granted federal non-profit status. Five progressively larger building’s removed from the garage, the school continues to be one of the longest running schools of massage therapy and natural therapeutics/bodywork in America. NMSNT has graduates from all over North America and 24 additional countries

Listen in: Robert Stevens explains how he broadened the scope of his practice with Polarity Therapy, expanded his toolset, and the morphing of the schools curriculum —

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Listen in: Don Cornwell describes the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics circum 1979 —

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