Transforming Energy

July 25th, 2011

by Adonna Rometo -

“Whatever is not transformed, is transmitted.” — Richard Rohr
During a recent treatment, one of my clients had a huge energetic release. It was one of those intense releases where, as a therapist, I had to break contact and spritz rosemary/lime water in the air to neutralize the impact of the release and to prevent the energy from being transferred into my own body.
Such is this bizarre yet very real phenomenon that sometimes happens to massage therapists and body workers. As we work on our clients and as they are relieved of their ailments, we body-workers often end up with our clients symptoms. If our client had a headache, we may find that after the treatment, our head hurts. Or if the client was filled with a sad heaviness before the massage, and is light and joyful afterward, we may experience an overwhelming sadness at the end of the day. It’s strange, but if we think about energy in terms of physical laws, it makes perfect sense…
We all know that if we hold an ice cube in our warm hand, our hand gets cold and the ice cube warms to the point of melting. Energy, in the form of heat, is transferred.
As we do bodywork, the energy (often in the form of pain) from our clients’ bodies can take up residence in our own bodies. The energy is transmitted from one person (client) to another (therapist.) This happens unless we find a way to protect ourselves or transform the energy… to shift it from “negative” or “toxic” energy to “positive” or “life- giving” energy.
At the New Mexico School of Therapeutics, we learn multiple approaches for protecting ourselves against another’s energy and for transforming negative energy into positive energy. While each person should find their own unique techniques, here are a few to get you started:
• Keep breathing. In all the martial arts and in yogic and meditation practices, the breath is essential to the flow of energy. A person can literally “blow away” negative energy to keep it from settling within. Experiment with your breath. During a treatment, exhale quickly and forcefully for a huge energetic release; try a slow, drawn-out breath for a more subtle and gentle release; and experiment with the spectrum between.
• Use “Shield” (available in the Natural Remedy Store) or other essential oils as a protective barrier.
• Break contact with the client and use ‘off the body’ Medical Qi Gong techniques to help eradicate the energy. For more information, attend Don Cornwell’s upcoming Continuing Education Course on Medical Qi Gong.
• Spritz rosemary/lime water (a mix of rosemary and lime essential oils in water) into the air. Since ancient times, water has been known to be cleansing and clearing and can “wash away” toxicity.
• Feel your feet firmly planted on the Earth and imagine huge tree roots sinking down into the Great Mother Earth. Trust that the Earth has the wisdom and desire to transform energy that is harmful to us, into flowers and trees that emit life-giving oxygen.

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