Sacred Touch

February 10th, 2011

by Don Cornwell

Only God and Nature Heal and Only Love and Nature Heal are premises often stated at our school. But, what do they mean?

God is Love and Love is God are phrases frequently written in spiritual literature. Again, what do they mean and what do they have to do with bodywork?

Spiritual literature goes on to say that many people talk of love but none of us know what it really is. The depth of love they speak of is beyond the mind. God is also beyond the mind and what it can grasp.

Another term, often used in this era, is unconditional love. But again, what is that? Are any of us capable of it?

We are all human beings with imbalances, emotional buttons and blind spots. We are all still evolving. Even if we try to love unconditionally, how deep is that love? How successful are we at that? Since we have more transformations yet to undergo, should we be attempting these high standards?

Notice what happens when we do exert the effort to love. Notice what happens to us when we are being touched by someone who is similarly trying to accept and love us. Compare this to how we feel when someone who does not care about us is touching us.

We have all experienced that touching or being touched in the atmosphere of acceptance and love allows us to relax, trust and go deeper into the healing process than being touched by a technically skilled therapist who is not wrapping himself in the cloak of love.

So the relevant question is, how do we love the people we touch? That sometimes involves the question, how do we love ourselves? Often, it is much more difficult to accept and love ourselves, than it is to love others. Sometimes we are much more judgmental of ourselves, than of others. Thus, finding some self-acceptance can be a step in finding a way to accept other people. Finding self-acceptance creates some relaxation in us. We can drop our insecurities and lack of self-confidence. We are then in a better space to let experiences and awarenesses flow as we work on our clients.

This communicates to our clients in that we can become more acceptant and loving of them. We can soften, relax and become willing to let the different parts of them rise to the surface to be seen, accepted and transformed. They can feel our acceptance of them and that helps them accept themselves and find some healing.

Within this atmosphere of love and acceptance, we can check inside ourselves to recognize and then put aside our personal feelings before we approach our clients. As we approach our clients, we can then observe and accept the shifts in our perception, trying to feel what they feel. Continuing this soft observation and acceptance, different techniques can be used, but it is the love and acceptance we feel for them which allows them to go deeply enough inside themselves that their own self-acceptance helps them find a way to heal.

Only God and Nature Heal. Only Love and Nature Heal.

Are we, as therapists, loving our clients in the depth that God Loves? Of course not. Are we assisting our clients by trying to increase our love and acceptance of them? Pay attention to what happens when you attempt this and answer the question for yourself.

Photo Credit: By Robert Stevens.

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