NMSNT…… so much more than a massage school

January 26th, 2013

I save lots of things.  For instance, I saved the first information that I requested about The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics (NMSNT) from 1998 – and I still have it in a folder labeled “Massage Research.”

Between 1998 and 2002, my partner Steve and I looked at several massages schools.  Since our search began pre-internet we actually visited schools in and around San Francisco, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  I knew almost instantly that NMSNT was the one for me.  I got a huge intuitive hit in my solar plexus about the place when we visited.   During our visit, I could also tell that the staff and faculty were living what they were teaching.  For me that authenticity was a vital component.   Then life happened and it wasn’t until twelve years later and a huge life change that we finally made it to class at NMSNT.   During that twelve year interlude, I kept telling people that we were going to move to New Mexico and attend a Natural Therapeutics school based in massage therapy.  I knew that when the path was finally to open, that it would lead me to the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.


As I said, first and foremost, most of it was the authenticity – the obvious way in which the people of the school were living what they taught.  Secondly, the curriculum was spot on for me!  During that first visit, we were able to sit in on a Polarity Therapy class – I was instantly intrigued by Dr. Stone’s thoughts and theories.  When I returned home from the visit in 1998, I went out and bought his book but for the next ten years or so it sat.   It wasn’t until we actually attended NMSNT that I was able to read it and ponder its power.   Overall, I was looking for a school that would give me all the massage techniques I needed to give a great therapeutic Swedish Massage, but I was also looking for a school that offered classes in alternative healing and gave options for healthy living beyond the massage table.  I got exactly what I wanted at NMSNT!  We learned Swedish massage techniques combined with the energy work of Polarity Therapy, Core and Cranial Sacral to compliment this.

We had great classes in Raw Foods, Herbs, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine – with these tools I could offer my clients tips to take with them into their daily lives that would further enhance their well-being

Some people refer to NMSNT as ‘magic school’.  I am now one of them!  Magic for me is alchemy – changing something – turning something into something else.  That’s what it did for me.  Magic school changed me with a curriculum of diverse subjects.  It altered me, as it showed me by examples through the faculty and staff, that only Love Heals.  It alchemized me into a Natural Therapeutic Specialist.  It has given me a healing bag of tools to help myself first so that I may then offer it to others.

One of my favorite Rumi quotes is… “What will you do with your One Wild and Wonderful Life?”    I ask myself this all the time.

I am glad that one of the things I have done was to attend NMSNT.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance, change, alter or enrich their life.  It is so much more than a massage school.  It is an opportunity to find more of the authentic YOU.  The more open you are to what NMSNT offers, the more it will change you.


Rob Dorgan, LMT, NCTMB

Class of 2012


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