My Soul Has Grown

July 11th, 2011

By Adonna Rometo -

While on a recent excursion into the Arizona wilderness, I found myself gazing out at the enormous southwestern horizon, breathing in the expansive air. My eyes rested on an object in the far distance, and immediately, I was reminded of an excerpt from the book, “The Valkyries,” by Paulo Coehlo. In this novel, two seekers were on a quest in the desert and their guide instructed them in a very simple spiritual practice: “Keep looking at the horizon,” he said. The fruits of this discipline are described here:

“Before, I looked in the distance, and things in the distance seemed really far. They seemed not to be a part of my world. Because I was used to looking only at things that were close, the things around me.

But, two days ago, I got used to looking into the distance. And I saw that besides tables, chairs, and objects, my world also included mountains, clouds, the sky. And my soul–my soul seems to have eyes that it uses to touch those things… My soul seems to have grown.”

I love that line… “My soul seems to have grown.”

At the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, we are taught about Chi, Prana, the Source, Spirit, God, Life-force Energy, name it what you will. We are taught that surrounding us and composing us is a vast expanse of energy, the Energy of All That Is. And that energy is available to us, we can tap into that Great Energy and take it into ourselves, and consequently, our souls grow.

What’s more, by tapping into the Energetic Field of All That Is, we become channels for that energy. During a massage and/or bodywork treatment, we are connected to the Energy of Healing and we become conduits of Healing Light.

The more we are connected to the Life-Force Energy, the more we are filled with loving intention and attention, and the more we are able to “get-out of the way” and allow the Source to work through us in the healing of our clients. The more “tapped-in” we are– the larger our souls– the more healing can be done through us.

To cultivate the connection with the Source, try these simple actions (and remember, there are many ways to connect… experiment with what works for you):

1. Spend time in Nature. By being with and in creation, we naturally become more connected with the Creator.

2. Meditate. A daily meditation and/or contemplation practice allows us to be in tune with the Unitive Source.

3. Practice Tai Chi, Aikido, Qi Gong or another martial art where energy is sensed and palpated.4. Remember, as Dr. Stone, the founded of polarity said, “Only God and Nature Heal.” We are but humble vehicles for the Healing Energy of Love.

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