Don Cornwell

Director of Education

Instructor of Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, Introduction to Chinese Medicine, Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy

Don introduces himself

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How Don Found New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

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I graduated from NMSNT in the summer of 1979. I began studying at NMSNT a few months after receiving a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. During my internship in psychology, I became tuned into energy and shortly thereafter began studying Polarity Therapy, with Pierre Pannetier, the successor to Dr. Stone (who was the founder of Polarity Therapy). I found that energy work was more effective than verbal psychotherapy, so I came to NMSNT to learn more. Not too long after graduating from NMSNT, I began studying Chinese Medicine and received a D.O.M. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) in 1989. I have found Oriental Medicine to be a huge source of inspiration, information and skills and have studied Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colorpuncture and Qi Gong. I have also studied other subtle bodywork forms, such as Cranial-Sacral techniques.

My approach to bodywork is to connect with the client, sense and assess their energy through the various techniques I have been trained in and, especially, to listen to my intuition as it guides me into different styles and locations of touch, as well as helps me choose what words to say and what tones of voice to use. I find doing energy work on people to be similar to working with horses, listening to them, responding to them and moving with them in a way that is not threatening, that does not cause them to close, protect or run away. To connect with a person’s energy field is more primal and deeper than to connect with their intellect. Energy allows people to be communicated with and to communicate with their own deeper levels in a more profound and accurate way. It helps them to sense themselves and to let go of patterns, emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving them.

The teaching that I do at NMSNT is a reflection of my core beliefs and deeper experiences as a therapist. I teach energy therapy, such as Chinese Medicine techniques and theory. I teach Acupressure, Windows of the Sky (special points that can shift consciousness), Medical Qi Gong and Cranial-Sacral Therapy. Helping students tune into feeling their own energy and the energy of their clients is a profound experience for me. To truly and therapeutically sense energy requires relaxing into an appreciation, acceptance and even a deep love for the client and for oneself. This encompassing love is healing and altering beyond words. This experience can be truly life- changing.

NMSNT is a unique place to learn the healing arts. The teachers are talented, experienced and compassionate in their assistance with each student who comes. We work to develop an atmosphere between the students and staff that helps each person to explore their sensing and their development of abilities to assist clients and themselves to alter their bodies, their emotions and energies. NMSNT stands alone in offering a special blend of therapies that harmonize with each other and which, when blended together, are more powerful than any one or two by themselves. The main reason that NMSNT is a powerful place to learn is that we offer to students the ability to open their hearts and to be open to the hearts of others. To quote Paracelsus again, “The art of medicine has its roots in the heart.”



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