“Swallowing Grief” – by Adonna Rometo

August 8th, 2011

A client of mine recently shared that she has been filled with grief and has long been fighting back tears. She swallowed her tears, so as to not be emotionally vulnerable, and as a consequence, she felt tightness in chest cavity, as if she couldn’t fully breathe.

I was reminded of the ancient proverb, “The organs weep the tears that the eyes refuse to shed.”

Our organs, tissues, and cells truly are the storehouses for our repressed and unexpressed emotions. That which we refuse to recognize, and instead stuff deep down within the recesses of our body, wreaks havoc on our health. Eventually, those repressed emotions come bubbling up; the uncontrollable weeping begins.

Sometimes this weeping takes shape in the form of disease; other times, in the shutting down of spirit; quite often it results in the deadening of the individual, from the inside out. Regardless of the form it takes, our body takes the brunt of all that is unexpressed within us.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which we are educated at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, there is a philosophy called the “5 Element Theory.” Each of these 5 Elements, which are found in nature, are associated with particular organs within us. Here are the Element: Organ pairs…

Wood: Liver Fire: Heart & Pericardium Earth: Spleen Metal: Lung Water: Kidney

Each of these element and organ pairs are also associated with a season and emotions. During certain seasons, a particular organ and its associated emotion may be more susceptible to imbalance.

We are embarking upon the season of “Late Summer”, which is the time of the Metal Element; the Season of the Lung. The emotion of this season is “Grief.”

During this season of grief, we may notice more of our clients experiencing grief imbalances. We can aid in our clients’ healing by:

• Palpating and holding Lung1 (the first point along the Lung Meridian), an excellent point for dealing with grief (the emotion of the Lung).

• Using with our clients, the Essential Essence “Grief Formula” (available in the Natural Remedy Store).• Suggesting to our clients that they tap into their emotions through journaling or artistic expression

• Encouraging our clients to feel (and express, perhaps with tears) their feelings • If our clients need to further process their emotions, referring them to talk therapists or


Regardless of where our client “is” physically, emotionally, or spiritually, is we are fully and compassionately present to them, great healing can take place through us.

Contact Info: Adonna Rometo, PhD, LMT Moonbeam Therapies, LLC 111B Edith Blvd SE Albuquerque, NM 87102 520-245-1847 www.moonbeamtherapies.com


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